Saturday, February 14, 2009

Photos: Flying in the F-16 Block 60!

These are more professional photos, taken by Lockheed-Martin's
in-house photographer.


Anonymous said...

great pics shiv! congratulations on your 9G too! so i guess you have no flown three of the mmrca contenders. when are you flying the others? will make a good article if you fly all six and do a group test! congrats and best wishes on a very enviable achievement.

Anonymous said...

lucky dude!!! please post high rez pics so we can see them better. envy you a lot! when are you flying the other fighters? you and vishnu shom are the idols for all of us non-IAF types who dream of taking to the skies!

Anonymous said...

so, how much did you pay for the ride,shiv?

Anonymous said...

So that was you yesterday!!!

dev said...

Looks too fat, is their any space left inside the plane for future upgrades?

The spine has some sort of cooling system, what all electronic systems are jammed in it?

IF The InAF version will not feature the spine that is on this block, as is shown on all the photographs of the computer model that are released.

What systems/fuel capacity would be sacrificed by taking out the spine?

Exactly why did the UAE spend 3 billion dollars for the development of this block?

Anonymous said...

what is the range of apg80 against meter^square RCS

its right there is not much room for upgrades because of airframe is too small and it will b most foolish thing to buy this aircraft moreover pakis flying these UAE jets so what else is remaining

for similar reasons US air force has stopped buying them and is more interested in F35

dev said...

IMO this is the worst time to buy a aircraft, the only thing that helps is all our neighbours are inducting aircrafts that are a slight to steep level below most of the "to be MMRCA" candidates.

You wont ever get to hear the range of APG 80 against a 1m2 target.

Buying some of these aircrafts can land the AF in to a "MiG-21 till 2020" situation, what seems good for the day, could be really undesirable in 30 years.

USAF has stopped buying them for the transition to the F-35's.

NJS said...

F-16 is world class fighter with Econ price . India need to place for interim purpose orders for atleast 50 nos before MMRCA .

f-16 with python 5 / derby seems to be world class while compare with other jets in light weight version .