Update: The MMRCA "FET" Plan

Flight evaluation tests (FET) of the six medium multirole combat aircraft (MMRCA) kicks off officially in July. The six contenders from been asked to bring three aircraft to India for the month-long session. The IAF will designate three evaluation teams, each of which will try out two aircraft from each competitor. The trials kick off with handling and aerodynamic performance trials under the aegis of the ASTE in Bangalore. In mid-July, the fighters will be flown to Jaisalmer for hot weather desert trials. Finally, they'll move to Leh for high altitude trials involving a pair of aircraft from each competitor. Starting around September, evaluation teams from the IAF will visit the country of origin of each competing fighter for systems trials, which includes demonstration and testing of radar, EW suites, avionics, cockpit gear, countermeasures, weapons and weapon systems and communication integration.

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