Saturday, March 07, 2009

Ballistic Missile Interceptor tested successfully, again!

The Defence Research and Development Organisation (DRDO) has flight tested its third Ballistic Missile Interceptor on 06 March 2009 at 1624 hrs from Wheeler Island, Integrated Test Range (ITR). It has said it has successfully achieved the mission objectives set. The two stage Interceptor Missile fitted with advanced systems neutralized the target enemy missile at a 75 km altitude.

To mimic the incoming enemy's ballistic missile trajectory, a Dhanush missile went to an altitude of 120-km and was launched from a ship about 100-km off the coast. The Interceptor missile was launched from mobile launcher located on the Wheeler Island Launch Complex.

"The third consecutive interception of a ballistic missiles once again demonstrated the robustness of the Indian BMD system. DRDO have already conducted two interception trials, first in Exo-atmospheric region at 48 Kms altitude on 27th November 06 and second in endo-atmospheric region at 15 kms using AAD missile on 06 Dec 07," the DRDO said.

A big congratulations and godspeed to the entire Project AD team!

(Text & Photos by DRDO)


amit said...

it's indeed a great achievment for India but is the quality that good as the DRDO claims?And is it comparable to Arrow or PAC 3? But being an indian i am proud...and pray that it becomes operational at the earliest...Expert comment is awaited...

Anonymous said...

what india desperately needs is the S-400 air-defence system from russia.the S-400 is far more advanced than the arrow or the patriot. best part is that the s-400 can be bought directly off the shelf , so that it can be inducted within 2-years. other systems will take atleast 4-5 years before they can be inducted. for the sake of india , we must pray that the s-400 is bought with T-o-T

Arun S said...

so,shiv is this how u interpret missile interception? (first pic ).... Jesse intercepting Eva mid-air't tell the pics were provided by DRDO.

NJS said...

India hardly needs s-400 Sam's with TOT , it has achievable targets extended to 400 kms . this is the only longer ranger best defense which india can get with tot , but india ( decisions makers )seems to be very cool / busy in unpreparedness. not willing to care about india's defense.

Our home grown defense Sam's should be manufactured in massively, drdo should finish all the trails as soon as it can .