Sunday, March 29, 2009

BrahMos Block-II tests successfully, ready for induction

BrahMos Statement: Today on 29th of March 2009 Land attack version of the BrahMos Block-II was tested from a Mobile Autonomous Launcher (MAL) at Pokhran test range by Indian Army officers. The missile took off successfully at 11.15AM. and hit the desired target bull's eye, meeting all mission parameters. The launch was witnessed by the DGMO Lt Gen AS Sekhon, Commandant School of Artillery Lt Gen KR Rao and Maj Gen VK Tiwari, ADG Artillery.

This is the third launch in series for the Block-II version for the Indian Army. With this launch the requirement of army for the land attack version with Block-II advanced seeker software with target discriminating capabilities has been fully met and this version is ready for induction.

Photo of today's launch Courtesy BrahMos Aerospace


Anonymous said...

indian army needs atleast 750-brahmos missiles to say the least.i hope the induction process is speeded up. without brahmos india stands no chance against china. long live indo-russian brotherhood. i hope mother russia is reading my comments.

Anonymous said...

GREAT JOB DRDO!! Jai hind!!

This is a landmark event for indian defence, drdo stepped up to the occasion and delivered!!

Anonymous said...

it would b good if air launched brahmos is fitted with anti radiation missile seeker which will be world's longest range anti radiation missile with 290 km range to kill aegis system,pac3,s300pmu2 and this is quite possible

Jay said...

Holy mother ..Block-II looks lot like Shaurya..
but shourya is ballistic right?

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Anonymous said...

We need 500 to 1000Km ranged brahmos missiles. While the current one can do 500 Km it is limited by software so that it deactivates at 290Km range. This has been done because of MTCR restrictions that apply because this is an International JV.

How do we work around this? Can't DRDO develop a ramjet engine? Well they have developed a solid fuelled ramjet for the Akash which is supposed to be unique (most ramjets are liquid fuelled), why can't they build a Bhramaputra Missile instead of a Brah-Mos ?

Anonymous said...

When the Brahmos fires, is the driver still sitting in the truck, or no? I'd be scared to be anywhere near the beast.

NJS said...

Bhramos should be massively manufactured . the future plan should be longer range with maximum payload & nuclear Tipped war head should be manufactured in large volume .

Regarding china's invade plan ,i already wrote same details in livefist .

India is very feeble in submarines fleet , need to make massive production with trustful help from other friendly countries & with indian private companies . Due to china already ENCIRCLED india by its navy's vast nuclear submarines fleet .

IAF is facing large depletion in fighter sqn's , need to make CLONE jets from the version of su-30 mki

In army we dont have better & longer range anti-tank missiles .

Already chinese forces captured one part of kashmir called aksai chin from india , but the indian govt is very cool about india's future, we need to get it from china .

China has a major plan to capture india & is making all the necessary arrangements very near to indian borders, i worry what for india is waiting, Is india is looking to give indian territory as free of cost.

Anonymous said...

Keep nuclear warheads out of Cruise Missiles.
I think this is a valid suggestion that India and China and Pakistan agree to keep nuclear weapons out of cruise missiles - and only on ballistic missiles.

WRT India and China, both nations swear by NFU, and the leadership in both seems to be mature as far as the use of nuclear weapons are concerned, so the risks are somewhat lesser.

Not so in the case of Pakistan. If that nation still has some dirty nuclear weapons lying about, they need to be brought into a cruise missile treaty ASAP.

Anonymous said...

and pakistan will then adhere to the "agreement" by the letter right ?

what naivete.

Pratik Das said...

To anonymous at 9:43am - you say Pakistan is a less mature nuclear power and then go on to suggest that they would respect a treaty barring nuclear warheads from cruise missiles in a war?

Do you think China would respect such a treaty either?

When it comes to nuclear weapons, India relies on the success of a retaliatory strike. Cruise missiles have a better chance of evading radar but also a greater chance of revealing nuclear secrets if the missile is intercepted and the warhead is dismembered from the booster. The probability of the latter happening can be mitigated by speed - which is where it really helps to have a supersonic missile.

Anonymous said...

Does anyone know which countries India plans on exporting the Bhahmos to? I wonder who would be interested in it. Also does anyone know when India will begin to test the Brahmos on the Su-30MKI i know there are being modified in Russia right now to fire the missile!

Vin said...

Is Indian Forces only using Brahmos or the Russian forces too using it??

I heard that Hawk(AJT) deal with IAF is failed and new tender is been called for... Wish to see you throwing light upon the same....

AJ said...

this missile relies on gps for homing on the target... please correct me if i am wrong. India will need glosnass to not rely on US or further hitches in times of war. The missile will be useless if US decides to no let india use its GPS services in times of war. Any suggestions?

Anonymous said...

it does not depend on GPS.

vin, brahmos will be fielded on the new missile boats of the russian navy.
one reason why they are reluctunt to use the brahmos is range.
brahmos SW downgrades it range during optimization. RuN feels better with the yakhont(on which brahmos is based) which though of an older generation has better range.

Anonymous said...

AJ do some research,Brahmos can use both GLONASS and GPS.

AJ said...

@Anon 6:28am Thanks for the info. How mature is GLONASS vs. US GPS or the Galileo. I know they are working with ISRO and have launched satellites to improve the system. Thanks.

NJS said...

India seems to be lesser in nos of missiles while comparing with Pakistan .
We need to have massive production line in missiles . India need to place more nos of orders ,
Every country have the secret weapons , so india need to have massive production in Brahmos & need to have brahmos nuclear tipped warhead with more payload in secret service , because india has any time danger with two neighbors . To secure 110 cr indians , india need to act extraordinary .