Tuesday, March 24, 2009

India's New Submarine Hunter

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Anonymous said...

any comparison of sensores on
IL38,tu142m upgraded by israel

submarine hunting is not so easy,MPA radar can detect sub only when submarine fires missile or when a diesel electric sub is snorkeling

frigates and destroyers have anti submarine helicopters and those helos r send to destroy subs when subs r detected by sonars on the ship and "magnetic anomaly detector" works only when sub is close to surface

launching of torpedos by submarine or high speed chase by submarine(which emit sound) can only be detected by sonars on ships or other submarines not by MPA

for example in FOLKLANDS WAR argentine sub type209 couldn't be detected by royal navy ships which were optimised for sub hunting,that type209 was destroyed only when it surfaced

Anonymous said...

hey shiv what about the specification of sensors

mainly "magnetic anomaly detector"
only this instrument helps in detecting submarines

rest of the instruments like radar is for sea mapping and other electronics r for electronic warfare

Anonymous said...

what is the purpose of showing the destructio of kilo

Anonymous said...

Melodramatic music, animated graphics, histrionic report.

I'm an officer of a foreign nuclear navy visiting India. This kind of television 'news' just makes your navy and your country look bad.

Anonymous said...

What kind of idiot would think a news report reflects on the navy or the country? At its narrowest its a reflection of the reporter and it its broadest the TV station.

Perhaps your country doesn't have much by way of media diversity?

JT said...


Ease up a bit man!
Be humble! Stop with the excitement and glorifying. This clip reminds me of Rafael's dancing girls and Python missile. Sorry to put this at that level, but, production value is the same. Keep things simple, direct, clean and true in substance. It'll look more professional. This looked like a half-baked movie trailer for Hollywood action flick.

The submarine hunter P-8I coming to a theatre near you.
Narrated by Shiv Aroor.

Anonymous said...

Last anon, exactly thats what it is. Thats how all Shiv Aroor reports are and look at his voice overs, and PTCs...full of himself, full of force, full of melodrama, full of I don know what...etc

And Shiv wasn't this done when you came back from your Boeing trip in May last year or immediately after the deal was signed again last year. You're showing it after a year. Looks like you don't have story ideas or you're under pressure to just come up with something on defence as there is threat on every journalist to be sacked during recession.

Last anon, he was never humble, so don't expect.

deep.blue said...

At 200 million dollars it better have boobs.

Anonymous said...

this is what we have to pay for nuke deal ,this congress govt is too weak and hope this time NDA comes to power

neerajb said...

P8I ..the submarine hunter? ...don't make me laugh ,shiv....atleast you could have interviewed a serving/retired navy officer on what constitutes a submarine hunting and killing mission and where exactly does the p8i play its role.


Anonymous said...

hey shiv can u figure out what is per unit price of P8I

v paid $ 2.2 billion dollars

so i think it should b no less than $ 200 million per aircraft

and same price is of c17 aircraft
that is $ 200 million

Anonymous said...

what is meaning of developing MRSAM with israel if there r already better SAM systems with longer range exist
like s300pmu2,s400

chinese have s300 with 90 km on their type52 destroyers with this MRSAM being made will have only 70 km range

this is like reinventing the wheel and this makes no sense

moreover we r just paying money
everything else being done in israel

radar is israeli,
seekers r isreali,
data links r israeli
testing is being done in israel

and no tech transfer for seeker,radar

what india is doing except throwing money

Ju² said...

Hi Shiv,

Can we say that, after the green light given by the US State Department, the deal is totally cleared by US authorities?

Do you think that bilateral negociations linked to the End-User Agreement could impact this sale as they did with BBJ contract? Note, 48 months... it gives them enough time to settle the issue... I hope

NJS said...

It's good move by india , just like brasil's aircraft modified as AWACS by india.
we need to make more type like sub hunter's , 8 nos which has been ordered is not enough for india. India need to finalise end user agreement with USA as soon as possible .

DRDO should co-produce with help from other manufactures .

Anonymous said...

i dont know why this is that big a deal when we are buying this type of aircraft for 2 billion dollars instead of building our own.