Monday, March 02, 2009

IAC construction steams forward...

The building dock at Cochin Shipyard where the first indigenous aircraft carrier is being built will be flooded in December 2010 if everything sticks to plan. Out of a total of 874 modular blocks that will constitute the carrier in its final form, 423 blocks are ready, and lie stacked in the open yards at the shipyard, waiting to be lowered into the building dock. The remaining 451 blocks will be completed by the end of this year. With a length of 265-metres and a 7.5-metre draft, the IAC is quite simply the largest ship that CSL has ever undertaken to build. CSL chairman M Jeetendran says he will have capacity to undertake the construction of a second IAC by the end of 2009. The concurrent design and construction model that defines the IAC programme is such that critical parts of the vessel are still on the drawing board -- and certain design elements are still to be firmed up fully.

Director-General of Naval Design, Rear Admiral HK Badhwar's (in photo) team is still at it on the "fighting elements" of the ship's design -- including many (not all) of the weapon systems, deck configuration of weapons and some aviation-related machinery.


Pritam said...

Thank you Arror sir.

Can you tell us something about the four sided large phased array radars above the dock (model)???? Is it a version of MF-STAR or a version of Indian LRTR????

Anonymous said...

Thanks Shiv

I have a question regarding the supporting blocks for the Ship. I have seen on Discovery that all US ships made by US , used wood as the supporting blocks, as they are easier to work with and are more flexible in terms of moving, cutting, weight handling etc.

Is there advantage of using concrete blocks to support the ship, as shown in some of the pics.

Sorry, if it is a silly question.


Anonymous said...

Don't know what you are smoking Shiv Aroor, but at least get your facts right. Cochin Shipyard can build ships upto 90,000 dwt/ maybe 100,000 dwt or so. They have built oil tankers of approx that size. The IAC is around 60% that size.

fighterclass said...

not 60% but 40 %.
yep shiv, that's a goof up.

pritam, it would be MF-STAR for the barak-8.

Anonymous said...

fighterclass and anon at 9.43 am, absolutely correct.

Anonymous said...

Please correct Admiral initials i.e MK and not HK. Be careful while collecting facts. Cross check the blog before uploading for correctness. Indeed a nice and commendable attempt.
Best Regards

Anonymous said...

daydreaming by prasun sengupta this what he said------->

Consequently, the cost of procuring the gorshkov aircraft carrier comes to about US$2.1 billion, which is what any other foreign shipyard like Fincantieri or Navantia would charge,non-Russian shipyards would have delivered such an aircraft carrier within four years of contract signature

my response

c how long itatilan cavor took 7 years to build and that was 27000 tons and building 37500 tons of carrier would take upto 9 years

and italian cavor still in trials and being fitted out and will only be operational by end of 2009

and i have already said that rebuiding old cruiser to aircraft carrier is much harder than building new one

intial cost of building in cochin shipyard is set $ 3 billion and it will definitelly will increase and u must know that cost of labour and other systems r much cheaper in india than italy

if a carrier of 37500tons in india cost intially minimum of $ 3 billion then building same in italy will be no less than $ 5 billion and that also takes upto 9 years

Anonymous said...

regarding the confusion on size and capacity 60% or 40%
dear friened 90000dwt is the dead weight or carrying capacity of the ship..its actual light ship weight will be the order of 15000 to 20000t. for a naval ship of 37000t light ship would be be an order of 20000t to 25000t since it carries only fuel,weapon and crew .

Anonymous said...

regarding the advantages of concrete blocks vs wood blocks.. dear friend wood portion is always placed on top of concrete of steel blocks ..wood will give a cushion effect and will not damage the steel plate..