Thursday, March 19, 2009

MiG's rejoinder to reports on Russia's MiG-29s being grounded

"Our attention has been drawn to some media reports on ‘grounding’ of MiG-29 aircraft in Russia. This is not only incorrect but misleading. The facts are that since the early 1990s, a substantial part of the Russian Air Force MiG-29 fleet has not been operated for different, primarily budgetary, reasons. In the course of scheduled inspections and maintenance of these aircraft, some defects in specific aircraft fins were ascertained in a relatively small number of aircraft. Based on this inspection, the RAC “MiG” Design Bureau has issued specific procedures for rectification which will enable these aircraft to remain fully operational through their service life. The bulk of MiG-29 type aircraft with the Russian Air Force continue in frontline service with fighter units in accordance with standard procedure.

The Indian Air Force, which has been operating MiG-29s for over 20 years, has three operational squadrons with the type. According to well informed sources, the IAF has its own system of regular maintenance and stringent technical checks and its MiG-29s continue in frontline service even as the upgradation programme is underway in Russia. Apart from this, in January 2009 RAC “MiG”, for the purpose of prompt notification of the IAF, forwarded a methodic for inspection of critical zones of the aircraft fins.

As concerns the new MiG-29K / KUB carrier-based aircraft, these have been designed and produced in full consideration of the maritime conditions in which they will be operated. These aircraft have been suitably ‘marinised’ and there is no question of any defects in the airframe structure even during the aircraft long term storage.” Indian Naval aircrew are presently converting to this type in Russia."


Tejaswy said...

Now that's nice to know


After learning that USD 1600 billion is stashed away in secret Swiss banking accounts by the Indians - and a lot of it due to dubious defense procurement - I am wondering how much of our armaments is really "fighting fit?".

Whether the fighters have been suitably "marinized" is open to question?

Anonymous said...

long live the's far superior than anything the west has to offer

fighterclass said...

thanks for that update shiv, good job.

Anonymous said...

to shiv and other friends

if US can convert it f15 into stealthy aircraft by building four internal bays and there was need to change airframe structure to build internal bays and this is something like offering old wine in new bottle

then su30mki,mig29,29k,35 can also b converted into stealthy aircraft without changing aircraft structure

there is ample centreline space
between airintakes,just need to build removable composite bay which will house weapons internally
and which can fit in the centreline space between air intakes

also build carbon composite radar blockers caps for airintakes for

in this way su30 can house upto 8 missiles in bay and mig29,35 can carry 4-6 missiles internally and apply RAM coatings on all of airframe

doing this is much harder on rafale,typhoon,f18,gripen,lca because engines in these aircraft r close to each other but su30,
mig29,35 have space between engines and building internal bays requires much more redesign and structure change in these aircraft compared to at no cost for su30,

so in this way RCS of mig29,35 can be reduced to significantly less than 1 meter square and composite bay can house 4-6 missiles and PGMs internally it will provide capability of JSF and this can be done in just 2-3 years

so better buy mig35 and build composite bay for centre line space,make composite radar blockers,apply RAM COATINGS and make it stealthy like americans did with f15 and stealthy mig35 will cost no more than $ 50 million per aircraft

all this provides first shoot capability against j10,f16,fc-1

also no need to build MCA(it is just like reinventing wheel)when mig29,35,su30 can be converted in stealthy aircrafts in just 2-3 years and going for whole new research for MCA makes no sense

NJS said...

Russia has withdrawn 90 nos mig29 with some problems in structural , these problems could be easily solved with help from mig corporation , to stop depletion in indian IAF , india can purchase these 90 mig29 & with help from mig corp it will be easily solved , normally for getting 90 nos jets india will take to purchase it for around 15 to 20 strong years, so buying these mig's we can get Immediately and also we can stop deflections in sqn's level in IAF, and more over russian mig's are agile than indian mig's .

'Every is possible ' in this world , only the thing we should need TRUE PATRIOTISM .