Phase 2 of LCA Tejas weapon tests

The second phase of weapon testing on the LCA Tejas is currently underway from an IAF base in the north-western sector. The focus of the current phase of testing is safe separation and accuracy of weapon delivery. The results from the tests would validate aerodynamic interference data as well as complex weapon release algorithms in different modes of release.

A composite test team comprising of specialists from ADA, IAF, HAL, NAL, ADE, DGAQA and CEMILAC have been put in place at the trial location where the flight tests are being conducted by National Flight Test Centre.

Arrangements are in place to directly link the trial location with the base telemetry station at Bangalore via INSAT and also through a secluded fiber optic channel. With this arrangement, designers and other specialists will be able to monitor in realtime, the activities in general and vital parameters in particular, as the trials go through thousands of kilometers away. Specifically for this trial, accurate upper air data is being gathered at the trial location using GPS Radiosonde supplied by ISRO.

The mood at ADA and other organizations involved in the trial is upbeat as the information has just come in, that Tejas has scored a direct hit on the target in the first test sortie itself. The trials are planned for two weeks' duration.

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