Sunday, March 15, 2009

Photos: Dassault nEUROn artist's impressions & wind-tunnel tests

The Dassault nEUROn stealth unmanned combat aerial vehicle (UCAV) will fly first at the end of 2011. Nifty B-2 wannabe.

All Photos ©Copyright Dassault


Raghav said...

Wow,these ucav's are awesome.It
would be great if IAF chooses
'Rafale' out of the six contenders
for its MRCA deal.So,that if the
initial 126 fighters are extended to 200 then,the IAF can buy 126
Rafales and 74 Dassault nEUROn UCAV after it flies at the end of
2011,as it may take another 2 or 3
yrs for the IAF to choose its
desired fighter out of the six

Bobs said...

the B-2 replacement is known as UCAS-D a.k.a X-47B . it is slated to be carrier capable ,operate above 40000ft , have range of 1500naut. mi. and ability to stay airborne for 50-100 hrs . the first flight is in Nov 2009.

Anonymous said...

hey , why does it have a hole on its it for storing hidden missiles ?

Anonymous said...

The "hole" should be the air intake for the engine

Radman said...

Shiv, you said it B2 wannabe. They might as well steal the NG logo.