Sunday, March 01, 2009


Sorry about yesterday. Things wrapped up pretty late. Posting this
from Cochin airport. Will put up the photos as soon as i hit home.
Also coming up, fresh insights into why the Dhruv hasn't worked for
the Navy.


Vin said...

Common Shiv, have visited 3-4 times in the morning too to view photos... Anywayz, no probs...

Shiv, why not you investigate more onto Admiral Gorshkov issue.. Heard Russians are having only one aircraft carrier in their fleet, so trying to escalate cost and thereby stop Indian Navy to lose interest on Gorshkov and add them into their fleet...

Anonymous said...

The Dhruv in the Anti-sub role due to it beings smaller and the utility role since it's bigger. That's why HAL is developing one light heli and one 10 ton heli.

Raghav said...

I hope,I will be able to see the
photos of the current status of
India's indigenous aircraft carrier soon.and I'am keen to know
about why Dhruv hasn't worked for
the Navy

Raghav said...

I hope,I could see the photos of
the keel laying ceremony of India's
indigenous aircraft carrier soon.
I'am also keen to know about current status of the carrier.

Anonymous said...

So why did the Naval ALH didnt work out ?

It seems there had been nothing posted about that topic.

Just curious whether if it is something different than what was said before.