Wednesday, April 08, 2009

HAL's Baweja says farewell with a Jag flight

Just got this photo. Former HAL Chairman Ashok Baweja (he retired at the end of March) after his farewell flight in a Jaguar a few days ago.

Photo Copyright HAL


Anonymous said...

hey shiv

can u get the pics of naval facility built in goa

Anonymous said...

Is that Jaguar in the background yet to be inducted one. guessing from the yellow primer. Is HAL still finishing up Jaguar manufacturing.

NJS said...

Hal need to develop next generation fighter jet from Jaguar ( darin 3) .
Due to we have full tech about jaguar , its is easy to produce next gen jets from it . so HAL need to start research line in Jaguar .

Manu said...

Do you know what he is going to do next? I betcha he is gonna join a British company

Anonymous said...

may be he will join Eurocopter and promote selling of BK117, backstabbing his own baby dhruv!
Any how who cares! ithink the prvious chairman is working for Bell helicopters in india!

Anonymous said...

NJS!you are spot on! By changing jaguar Engines to Honeywell F125 or RR latest variant with FADEC, advanced mission computers,
ELTA EL/M 2052 AESA radar etc... may be we will ahve nextgen jaguar! alas! HAL is too tied up with many programs!