An update on the War Room Leak Case

Wing Commander Sambhajee Lal Surve, the officer who was dismissed by the air force for his alleged involvement in the 2005 Naval war room leak case, has been released on bail. The officer is back in Pune, where he is originally from. Those familiar with the sensational case will remember that on the basis of of the findings of the court of inquiry and the subsequent board of inquiry, Wing Commander Surve from the IAF, and Captain Kashyap Kumar, Commander Vijender Rana and Commander Vinod Kumar Jha from the Indian Navy were dismissed using the President's Pleasure clause. According to those familiar with this update, the judge apparently found no evidence to link Surve with the charges that were slapped on him. It's been almost four years since the case broke. And even now, nothing is any clearer. Like someone I was talking to was saying, every new development in the case contradicts just about everything else. I wonder if the truth will ever really be known. And where is Mr Red Corner Ravi Shankaran?

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