Sunday, April 26, 2009

Video: Weapons recovered from LTTE strongholds

This video shared with us by the Sri Lankan Army shows the arms and ammunition recovered during clearing operations in former LTTE strongholds. The tank was captured by the Tigers from the Sri Lankan Army.


Prasun K Sengupta said...

From the video it seems the Sri Lanka Army only 'recaptured' what once belonged to it. Barring the Kalashnikovs, mortar rounds and RPG rounds, everything else was once the Sri Lanka Army's property. The ST Kinetics-built CIS-40 automatic grenade launchers (from Singapore) and the RACAL-built Jaguar and Scimitar backpack radios are dead giveaways. Significantly, nothing as yet been shown about the LTTE's 'indigenous' small arms ammo and mortar rounds or their manufacturing facilities. Also not shown are the LTTE's sniper rifles, if any. But the huge amount of captured components reqd for fabricating IEDs is significant and was most probably meant for use against the Sri Lanka Army's mechanised forces.

Pierre Zorin said...

So after years of triumph what made the LTTE succumb to the SL Army all of a sudden?Is it better training, better equipment or desertion on LTTE's part?