Sunday, May 31, 2009

Photos: IAF choppers finish-up relief ops in West Bengal

Photos Courtesy Indian Air Force


mahrook said...

Nice pics!

ABHINABA said...

It is very shameful to us that in 21th century our all state gov. rely extensively on IA & IAF for rescue operation as they failed to produce a single specialize disastar management team with proper supporting infrastructure facilities.

ankur_narayan said...

I second both the above posts.

Disaster Prevention as well as Management and Relief are critical.

India is fortunate to have the capabilities of the IAF to deal with such situaitons better than others.

Ajai: Could you possibly chase up those goons who should be managing Prevention - it lies in the interest of the IAF not to be sent on preventable errands.

ankur_narayan said...

Lol. Not Ajai! I meant Shiv. My apologies, buddy. I just read that Ajai Shukla is back on the circuit and am rather excited. Sorry again!

Anonymous said...

Shiv any photos form NDA pass out parade ??