Wednesday, May 06, 2009

What's behind the Monster?

The Sri Lankan Army released this picture to a group of foreign journalists (including me) here in Colombo today. The photo is part of a bizarre photo-essay created by the decidedly grandiose sounding Media Centre for National Security, a small building on Galle Road which every foreign journalist visiting Sri Lanka quickly becomes reconciled to visiting for every little thing -- clearances, interview permissions, stock footage, press briefings and everything in between. Their web team, which feeds news, photographs and video to the string of Sri Lanka's security forces websites (,, etc), works round the clock. No bull. They work 24-hours in shifts. But I need to come back to the photograph above. I've been looking at it off and on through the day today, but I still haven't quite figured out what they're trying to say. What the hell is Behind Every Monster? Are they referring to his wife, Mathivathini? Or maybe they mean the foliage? Or maybe they just thought it sounded clever. Or cheeky. For the life of me, I haven't figured it out. I thought propaganda -- at least the kind being dished out here -- is supposed to get up and hit you with its obviousness. Are they saying Mathi is the real brain behind the Tamil Tigers? I'm open to suggestions, but this goes beyond the boggling. Do see the other photos. Worth every second of your time.


Anonymous said...

I am not sure what the Sinhalese government had in mind with this phrase. It is obvious, looking at these pictures that PR is a hypocrite. While his immediate family continues to live a (relatively) luxurious life style and have food to eat, the folks fighting for him and the general Tamil population continues to suffer. He's no different from the Stalin's, Hitler's of the world. The common trait is that these so called inspirational leaders are cowards, megalomaniacs and ruthless. I feel really sorry for the common man and especially the child soldiers. Its heart wrenching to see innocence robbed of their little lives.

Coming back to your question, its probably a reference to PR himself and his psyche.

Anonymous said...

Got you to think and reflect , didn't it ? Didn't the pic catch your eye?
Maybe that's what the Media Centre for National Security wanted you to do . Stop. Grow curious and then read on about what is their (official) take on this whole issue, and spin some not so incredible yarns (some of which may be true !!)

They got their target audience !!

Mission accomplished (at least part of it )


sak said...

it is the same airfoce that used cluster bombs against what it claims its own civilians and asisted in that job by Indian airfoce

The srilankan navy killed 1000 INDIAN TAMIL fishermen to this date without a whiff of protest for INDIAN state.Even Pakistan only arrest straying INDAIN fishermen.The INDIAN navy assisted this NAVY to finish off the tamil struggle for just the life of one man RAJIV GANDHi.This much vengence in that family?3000 sikhs were killed to avenge the death of one INDHIRA GANDHI.20000 Tamils killed by barbaric SRILANKAN ARMY within two years with all help form INDIA to avenge the death of one RAJIVGANDHI

While shedding tears for palestinian cause no indian media ever thougt it fit to nail the lies of srilankan government.The freedom struggle of the tamil race has been wiped out of history with traitorus assistance given by Inda,China,Pakistan to Srilanka.What a stange combination?
Do you think will China or Pakistan will ever do such a thing to their own race as India did?The flawed Indo-srilankan accord which essentialy said that the sinhala dominated srilankan parliament will determine what power will be devolved (after the agreement was signed) was pushed down the throat of Srilankan Tamils by RAJIV regime.IPKF killed thousqands of tamilians pursuing the sinhalese cunning dream of setting india against TAMILS.

After the RAJIV assanination the 50 year long struggle of TAMILS was branded as terrorism by the INDIAN government.There is only one question Iwanted to ask.What would have BANGLADESHI gurrelia force MUKTHI BHAHINI done if INDIRA GANDHI pushed a similar accord on them after getting some concession from PAKISTAN on KASHMIR issue i n1972 war ?

Since the entire North Indian media didnt drop a tear for 20000 innocent tamil civilians killed or maimed by the barbarian srilankan army with all satellite imagery,naval blockade and trianing given by Indian government,from now on i will also rejoice at the death of every North Indian at the hands of the muslim terrorists.

Would it try to kill her for betraying them or accept the accord and live as second class citizens forever.

INDIRA stood against the entire might of PAKITAN,CHINA and UNITED STATES for muslim bengalis.What did RJIV do for the srilankan tamils who would have been an invaluable ally to india?He ditched them for some imaginery concessions by SRILANKA that it woulnot harm the strategic interest of INDIA.Is that all?Will SRILANKAN goverment which refueled the pakistani ships and aircrafts during the INDIA-PAK war of 1972 will forever remain commited to INDIA?What about the concessions to CHINA on HAMBANTOTA port and secret clauses in the CHINA-SRILANKAN accord.Now they are the staunchest ally of CHINA.

I am ashamed to call myself an Indian.india is the only traitor nation in the world that assists mass scale slaughter of it own race by another race

Anonymous said...

india will pay for its crime.i has destroyed democracy.

expect chinese attacking india from all sides.its LTTE which protected india from all western powers and chinese,pakistanis from creating their bases in srilanka

feel ashamed to be an indian,proud to be a tamil