Monday, June 08, 2009

Photos: Sri Lankan Air Force An-32 and C-130

Took these photos at Air Force Stations Vavuniya and Ratmalana in Sri Lanka last month. Both aircraft belong to the No.2 Heavy Transport Squadron, one of the Lodger squadrons based at Ratmalana.

Photos ©Copyright Shiv Aroor / LiveFist


Tejaswy said...

Still waiting for the phalcon pics shiv!

Anonymous said...

These pics are great. But your LiveFist watermark robs the experience of viewing them unaltered.

I understand why you have to watermark the images and respect what you are doing, but can you please consider watermarking the images on the bottom right corner or something like that.

If you find a way to watermark the images and still preserve the experience of watching the stunning pics of these beauties, that would be ideal.


Shiv Aroor said...

point taken, bala. will do so with the next lot.