Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Search for missing girl

Just got this e-mail from Commander Roy Francis, the Defence spokesman at Kochi. Apurva, 8, daughter of IAF Sergeant Ravi Shankar has been missing since 26 December 2004, the day of the tsunami. All efforts are being made by the Indian Air Force to track the girl, but so far efforts have met without success. The defence forces have issued an appeal to the general public to assist in tracing Apurva.

When the tsunami hit the Air Force Station Car Nicobar on that day, Sgt Ravi Shankar was being evacuated along with his family and other air warriors. The service truck in which they were travelling was hit by the sea wave with high density resulting in submerging of truck and loss of lives. During this incident Sgt Ravi Shankar and his wife were evacuated safely but their one year old son died. Their daughter Apurva has been missing since then.

It was reported that some tsunami victims had seen Apurva in a relief camp run by Pandit Shri Shri Ravi Shankar. Further enquiries revealed no clues about the existence of Apurva within the various relief camps. Since then, Pt Shri Shri Ravi Shankar had assured the air warrior that he will trace his daughter if she is alive in any of the relief camps run by him.

The IAF has attached Sgt Ravi Shankar to 15 FBSU, Port Blair with effect from 13 July 2009 for two months to assist him in the search for his missing daughter. Any person with any clue may contact: SO Provost, HQ Southern Air Command, Akkulam, Trivandrum-31 Tel: 0471-2551361.


P Mukherjee said...

Very very tragic. One always feels that such things only happen to others but when they do happen, you are crushed totally. May God be merciful to the wonderful child where ever she is and kind to the bereaved parents. Heartfelt condolences.

sudeep said...

Its a heart breaking story.. I hope the parents and the child find peace.

Anonymous said...

please remember, she would be 13 yrs old now. she was eight in 2004.