Friday, July 31, 2009

Harpreet's Impressions of the Arihant

Illustration Courtesy Harpreet


Anonymous said...

And are the two submarines sized to the same scale? Of course not.

Stop this Arihant related lameness Shivji, we expect better from you. Just because everyone else is losing their head over a paper launch does not mean you should lose yours too. Times like these call for critical, unbiased analysis.

ken said...

hi shiv,
The model of arihant you have posted hear does that resemble close to what you saw. Want to suggest any modifications. Please reply.

Harpreet said...

Both subs are sized to the same scale.

Here is further update Arihant with triple tube silo.

Anonymous said...

Harpeet, check the missile. The edge is not tapered where it meets the cap whereas the cap bulges outside.

Anonymous said...

Harpeet also check the height of the sub.

Kaushik said...

This video shows the hull of INS Arihant

Anonymous said...

The video shows PM.MMS and a small section of the hull (as proof to the world lol) and sailors standing over it. It did not give away anything about the sub. So the only ones who can tell is people like Shiv who attended the ceremony. I hope shiv can tell whether the sub image by Harpreet is the one he saw and any changes is required for that image.

Anonymous said...

Harpreet another correction. Each container will have three K-15 missiles kept like in a Triangle when looked from above. Multiply it with four and we get the total number of 12 K-15's (May be Sub launched Shaurya) as reported in the press.

Anonymous said...

CAG report criticised the ‘unprecedented’ price hike of the carrier
yu know that criticising is very easy,but upgrading a old ship or building a new one is very difficult.

a worker on the ship undergoes lots of bending,crunching,kneeling,climbing,standing for long hours and other streneous movements and doing this for 8-10 hours and 6 days a week.

and do yu know how much pain it feels in lower back when yu stand for this period of time

so its very very phisical work and that worker comes to home and his body is compeletely broken and he/she takes a 2-3 pegs of alcohol and just sleeps to be ready for next day

and in indian shipyards a welder gets mere 5000 rupee basic pay(in some shipyards its even less) and if he and his family lives in mumbai this money is nothing to live decent life and also pay income tax from this money

in US same welder gets 35-40/dollars an hour for the same work

so CAG guys just sitting in their AirConditioned sarkari offices shouting for price hike/delays is very easy thing to do.

so drag those CAG guys and tell them to weld for long periods of time in extreme heat conditions and stand,climb,kneel,lift heavy weight,crunching for extended periods to help those people and get 5000 basic pay per month

only at that time this will be fair

Anonymous said...


Great illustration of ATV.

Cant recall immediatly - but one of the reports mentioned that the propeller is "double shrouded".

Would you want to consider putting a shroud around the prop.. For reference - look the Yasen class picture in Wiki

Anonymous said...

Sexy effort dude.What do think about LCA Tejas Mk II impressions??Give it a shot.

Harpreet said...

Thanks everyone for your feedback.

To Anon@4:48 PM:
I believe the edge is indeed tapered where it meets the cap as seen in this pic of Shaurya SSM though the cap also bulges outside slightly. I will do the necessary correction. Thanks again.

To Anon@4:49 PM:
Do you have some info on height of this sub? I think it is proportional.

To Anon@6:02 PM: I did see the video. The only relevant thing I could make out was the near perfect slope of the hull behind the PM which gradually curved at the top. A regular feature of subs that have a spine over the circular pressure hull as seen in this pic of Type 209.

To Anon@6:16 PM:
Yes there are 3 K-15 SLBM in each container each contained within its own canister. Since this is a cutaway I have shown 2 missiles exposed and one K-15 containing canister shown as a steel tube(positioned leftmost).

To Anon@7:37 PM:
I will be grateful if you can find me the reference to that report. Given the Russian involvement in this project I am myself leaning towards that idea.

To Anon@10:10 PM:
Many thanks. Sure there are lot of things I would like to do If I get the time.

Anonymous said...

who is Harpreet? someone in Headlines

Anonymous said...

Harpreet, that's when the cap is being fired and the pencil emerges. But you must check the prior pictures.

Anonymous said...

Harpreet, check whether the height is 11m or 13+m. There seems to be some confusion over here.

Anonymous said...

yup, harpreet is kurpreet's son and marpreet's brother.

Harpreet said...

To Anon@7:38 AM: You will see the correction in the next update. As of now I am waiting for some significant revelation to justify an update.

To Anon@7:40 AM: ATV is said to have a beam of 11m, not height. The fig of 13m comes from observation of DRDO Pontoon Launcher. Frankly I will be surprised if Arihant has such a large silo as it is bigger than what titans like Borei and Triomphant Class have. 13m could even be the total height of the silo including the gas generator and dampeners and not the missile contained within. Also I think that K-15 or Shaurya SSM probably represents the maximum height of SLBM that ATV silos can hold. Else K-15 would have been made taller, after all it was designed for ATV.

Anonymous said...

Any specific reason, why we undo any benefits of secrecy?