Friday, July 17, 2009

Is there really so much to smile about?

Russian Ambassador V.I. Trubnikov met Indian Minister of State for Defence M.M. Pallam Raju today at the latter's South Block office. What the hell are they beaming about?

Photo Courtesy DPR Defence


Anonymous said...

They are discussing the dinner menu and the drinks before that

Anonymous said...

There definitely is a lot to smile about in our shared past, present and future. The all weather Indo-Russian relations has withstood the test of time and will continue to do so despite the current SMEAR CAMPAIGN by some media elements financed by western arms sellers. By posting the current headline to the above pic, Mr. Aroor is trying to introduce an unnecessary angle.

SmarterOne said...

to anon @ 12:18 AM
i agree with you. media cooks up stories where there is none. n' wen these guys are at mayawati's press conference not a word comes out of their mouth.

the terminator said...

What is so wrong about smiling and even bear-hugs? It is the in-thing among diplomats. Superficiality at its best. When the other guy is not looking or not aware, just stab him in the back! Chinese style being also aped by the Pakis.

Anonymous said...

I understand this conversation :--

V.I. Trubnikov:-- buy more junky russian weapons & we will pay more commission to you .

Pallam Raju:-- Fuck the Indian Army , Navy , Air Force , Russian Equipment is the best sorry I mean bribe . But you have to pay more cause Russian Arms Smuggler , Drug Runner are doing more profit than ever .

V.I. Trubnikov :- oh Dont worry about bribe , just keep buying crap , :-) be happy

Anonymous said...

Why don't u publish ur name. I know u are a paki Remember that paki was flused down the gutter 4times.So do not mess with the indian army

Anonymous said...

Seriously! What the fuck is wrong with you people. Never happy with anything. Always complaining, always accusing and always blaming the government. Grow up!

- Capt Karan Singh Randhawa

Anonymous said...

Yes, never blame the government! Follow the "captain's" orders! Ignore the potholed roads, no electricity, no water and scams in defense equipment purchase! Government is always right!

This clown of a "captain" would shamelessly serve under british command if the opportuinity still existed.

Anonymous said...

@ Anonymous - 2:42

I never said ignore the short comings of our nation. What I said was stop accusing the government for everything that goes wrong. There is a certain collective responsibility that we as a nation need to accept.

So Mr Anonymous - 2:42, what have you done for the electricity, water and bad roads, other than sit back and run your mouth like a sissy?
I dont think I need to elaborate much on my regiment's aid to civil authority in providing basic facilities to the most remote and secluded corners of our country. Seriously, what have you done? Paid your taxes? I doubt that.

Well nearly all of our senior regiments- Punjab, Marathas, Sikh, Rajput, Rajputana have served with pride and honour under the crown. And I would do anything to uphold the honour of my regiment and the honour of my regiment's World War martyrs.

Lastly, a person who cant even talk respectfully towards a serving officer obviously has no respect for his nation's army.

- Capt Karan Singh Randhawa

the terminator said...

oh! so Mr.Pallam Raju has regrown his hair? is he using helsinki formula? he looked much smarter and SEXIER when he used to shave his head....he almost looked like Goldberg those days,along with western seems he has gone desi.

Anonymous said...

i think someone just farted...btw how do ruskies fart ?