Friday, July 17, 2009

The АПЛ Нерпа (Nerpa)

The АПЛ Нерпа, christened INS Chakra by the Indian Navy, the Akula-II-class nuclear-powered attack submarine leased to India for ten years for $670-million. The boat will be commissioned into the Indian Navy in Russia, after which it will be based at Visakhapatnam.


Anonymous said...

nerpa os resembling ATV amd ATV is resmbling nerpa! the sonar towed array and the structure housing the periscope etc... we should sue the russians od IP violations!

Anonymous said...

Prasun Sengupta has posted a Nerpa model pic on his blog calming it to be specially designed SSGN for India.(follow on to ATV).
I cant distinguish this from this. Can you?