Wednesday, July 22, 2009

FIRST on LiveFist: IAF Wolfpack Sqn Mirage-2000 Captures the Eclipse

The Indian Air Force today successfully undertook aerial sorties to help Indian scientists undertake study of the total solar eclipse that took place today. Two separate missions from Agra and Gwalior were flown towards the endeavour that was deemed hugely successful by scientists associated with the experiment.

While one AN-32 transport aircraft carrying scientific equipment, cameras and scientists that took off from Agra landed back after a three-hour flight, a Mirage-2000 trainer from 9 Squadron "Wolfpack", Gwalior took spectacular images of the celestial spectacle from 40,000 feet. With weather being clear at the altitudes and coordinates planned by the IAF pilots, both AN-32 and Mirage-2000 pilots were able to accomplish the mission successfully.

"The mission was a huge success. We got excellent footage of the eclipse. This was made possible by the perfect planning and execution by the IAF pilots", said Dr.Vinay B. Kamble, Director, Vigyan Prasar while addressing media persons at Agra airbase after the flight.

The AN-32 mission was flown at 25,000 feet. The aircraft flew a south-westerly course from abeam Khajuraho, descending and aligning along the central axis of the eclipse. The Mirage-2000 fighter flew at an altitude of 42,000 feet bisecting the central axis in a north-south direction to film the eclipse.

"Since flying with the ramp open involves depressurisation, inhaling of oxygen separately becomes absolutely necessary at that altitude. We flew a practise mission to train everyone for the sortie", explained Wing Commander D Singh, Captain of the historic flight. "Ensuring the Sun at six-o-clock position at the correct angle for cameras to be able to catch the phenomenon demanded a high degree of accuracy in flying", he added, satisfied with the results.

As the eclipse progressed towards the totality phase, darkness descended across the morning sky metamorphosing rapidly from bright daylight to the twilight zone, transiting to dark phase. The pilots switched on rheostats illuminating their instrument panel for a brief phase of night flying before resuming daylight flying after the total solar eclipse. For those who witnessed the rare spectacle in air, the experience was truly ethereal.

Photos & Text by IAF


Vin said...

Hi Shiv,

Nice to see 3rd Mission performed by IAF ( Defence & Rescue Missions being the earlier roles)... Hat's off IAF and you(Shiv) for photos..

Anonymous said...

shiv i read this comment in ajay shukla's blog...u plz explain wether all this is real?????

"Do u think that Indians are that dumb and dont know anything?

we excel in some pretty high end technologies where no other nation on this blue planet didnt even dreamt about.

Give us the needed funding and the required go ahead to start what ever research project we opt for.
We will be technology leaders in no time,even considering the bottle necks.

Coming to the point,

me and my friends knew the same technology 12 years back.we donot have any proper platform to put it on.neither we dont have any funds.So instead of spending time on this older technology which you term as a modern one,we got our hands busy on the next gen+ invincible stealth.It means so far on earth there is no compound or material that can beat bonding of our gen+ stealth.And to add munch for the vodka you are drinking ,add the suffix cost effective and maintainance less.

I am pretty much sure,all you guys here will be freaking out after exactly 4 years from now.once the prototype and pre-production model of our unlimited endurance and non-destructible,all terrain,self reliant,laser gun battle support commando vehicle rolls out."
plz plz plz explain

Anonymous said...

All F-18E/F Fans .Please read this:

Anonymous said...

Couldn't these missions been undertaken by ISRO or some scientific community ??

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

guys see chinese website are more faster than our owned defence website bhrata rakshak..they updated photos of cockpit of lca trainer variant for seeing visit

Ram said...

Anon @ 5:13 PM,
could you tell me the link you mentioned about the comments made by Shiv in Broadsword? Or Shiv could also help

Anonymous said...

Anon @9:07 PM, I guess, those are Korean sites, not Chinese sites.

Anonymous said...

anon@ 9:08
No.... that comments where not made by shiv they were made by anonymous....i am asking wether such type of project{last paragraph} is there or not ....

Anonymous said...

anon @10:44
i don't know wether they are chinese or korean...but other nations are also keen on lca project...they have not forgotten the delayed project...and bharat rakshak has updated photos outside view of aircraft...any way.. let god give some brain to ada to update their website....

Anonymous said...

so, whats the big deal on chasing an eclipse on a mig25? i have chased 3 solar and 2 lunar eclipses on a variety of A/C like cessna 150, F-104, Mig29 , F-16, Bf-109, Me262, Mig21 and not the least ...the microlight.....with speeds from 65knots to M 2.35...and max duration of 3:39 min of solar eclipse over the Pacific.....pls check FirstFlight in youtube.