Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Veterans fume at Pranab Mukherjee

Ex-Servicemen organisations in the country are outraged by the purported magnanimity of Finance Minister Pranab Mukherjee, and his announcement regarding One-Rank One-Pension in his budget speech. Here's a press statement from the Indian Ex-Servicemen League today:

A skilfully crafted statement by the Finance Minister Mr Pranab Mukherjee on the long standing demand of the Defence Forces for One Rank One Pension (OROP), while presenting the 2009-10 budget, has created a wholly erroneous impression that OROP has finally been granted by the Govt. Nothing could be further from the truth. In fact, available information indicates that the issue of OROP has not been even remotely addressed.

By bringing pre 1996 pensioners at par with the post 1996 pensioners, the Finance Minister has only rectified a 13 years old anomaly, which should have been done long ago. Revised pensions announced after the VI CPC had created three distinct classes of pensioners; pre 1996 retirees, 01 Jan 1996 to 31 Dec 2005 retirees and post 01 Jan 2006 retirees. As a result, similar personnel in each class received widely differing pensions. Equity and natural justice demanded that these artificial distinctions should have been removed whenever pensions were revised; post V and VI CPCs. In a litigation relating to equity between pre and post 1996 defence pensioners, even the Supreme Court had ruled in Sep 2008 that such distinctions violated Article 14 of our Constitution. In fact, one may argue that Mr Mukherjee's reported magnanimity is guided more by the apex court judgment than any serious concern for the Defence Pensioners.

Importantly, the distinction between pre and post 2006 pensioners remains un-addressed. It needs reminding that the demand of the Defence Forces and Defence Pensioners for OROP was, in fact, ONLY for removal of this distinction. Such indifference of the Govt for the Defence Forces and veterans is all the more galling, when viewed against the President's statement, assuring early resolution of OROP, at the recent combined session of the Parliament. And, what is one to make of repeated statements of the MoD and the Raksha Mantri that the gap in pensions between the old and new pensioners will be substantially reduced and pensionery benefits of officers and jawans brought as close to OROP as possible?


Anonymous said...

I am getting tired of this constant whining by armed forces personnel. Either overthrow the non-funtional failed democracy and install a good dictator that will make our country progress as it richly deserves to, or just shut the **** up and suffer like the rest of us civilians. Power flows from the barrel of the guns, us civilians are भेड-बकरी and all we can do is talk, what is armed forces excuse? These people have the barrels and yet they whine instead of using them.

Amitabha Ghosh said...

Very rightly said Anon @ 9:11 pm.
If any was expecting that the real interest of the armed forces would be taken care of, he / she was in a fools paradise. Not a single govt till date has looked after the interest of the Services, leave alone the "civilians". We need to realise that election time posturing by the political parties is commonplace in our nation. Its going to be the same, any party comes to power. Its high time the Service guys started asserting their power / due place under the sun.

Major R S Shekhawat said...

Territoral Army -Offrs are in Disparity--
i)Exserviceman status Not at par with ExSSCo& APS offrs
ii)NO commissioning Certificate Issued By the President Of INDIA,As issued to Reg Offrs\APS offr|SCCO.
iii)Medical FACILITY to TA NON pensioner\Gratuity Holders is again NOT par with EX-SCCO
TA Dte Till Dt has just done NOTHING

Vin said...


Do you have any info about the dates these birds roar the skies of Bangalore???

AK said...

Sad to see the condition of the Army men who fought for the country. As if that was not bad enough, we have got politicians playing dirty games with them. This is REAL India.

Anonymous said...

Why hasn't that hack sushant singh aka pragmatic euphony written a "how dare they" piece on this yet? :O

Anonymous said...

Frankly Im quite happy with the 6th Pay Commission. The salary levels + perks are much much higher than what any MNC can offer. For Gods sake stop cribbing and be grateful for what you have.

- Capt Karan Singh Randhawa
2 Para SF

Anonymous said...

Please add one more category of pensioners than what is mentioned in the article. The category is those who retired between 01/01/06 and 02/09/08. These officers are not given full pension as those who have retired with 20 years service after 02/09/08.
I enjoyed reading the comment by Capt KS Randhawa. Ignorance is truly bliss- I work in an MNC.