Army's New Norms For Commendation Badges

The Indian Army has decided that from now on, only two types of Commendation Badges will beworn on the uniform -- a) COAS Commendation Badges and (b) Army Commendation (the term “Army” encompasses all GOsC-in-C, ARTRAC and VCOAS with respect to award of Commendation Badges). Commendation Badge awarded more than once will be denoted by a star (eg second occasion will be denoted by a single star, third by two stars and so on) A maximum of three stars will be permitted in each of the Commendation Badge (viz COAS Commendation Badge and Army Commendation Badge) Only one each of the above, when awarded, will be worn immediately above and on either side of the button of the flap of the left breast pocket. Individuals awarded the CNS/CAS Commendation cards can continue to wear the CNS/CAS Commendation badge as long as they are posted to Navy/Air Force/Tri Service organizations. On reversion to Army they will wear the COAS commendation badge. Service Chief’s Commendation Card awarded more than once will be depicted by a star. Individuals posted to Navy/Air Force/tri service organizations can wear the Commendation Badge of that service/establishment only for the duration of their tenure. On reversion to Army, they will wear the Army Commendation Badge. In case these individuals have already been awarded or are awarded later an Army Commendation Badge then the tri service Commendation Badge will be represented by a star on the Army Commendation Badge.

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