EXCLUSIVE: Russia Formalises Su-35 Offer To India

After mentioning India last July among three countries to which the Sukhoi Su-35 would be pitched for export, sources reveal that Rosoboronexport has now formalised an offer to the Indian government. The United Aircraft Corporation (UAC) is understood to have conveyed officially to the Indian government just days ahead of the MAKS 2009 aero-show at Zhukovsky that India has the option of purchasing 16-20 Su-35 fighters -- about a squadron's worth. According to the offer, the production would be prioritised along with the Russian order for 48 jets, a deal that was finally struck once the show opened, but had obviously been finalised many weeks ago. The air forces of Brazil and Venezuela are also considering options with involving unspecified numbers of the Su-35. More details soon.

Image Copyright KNAAPO

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