Saturday, August 22, 2009

First on LiveFist: Rolls Royce's IAF Jaguar Re-Engine Pitch

Copyright & Courtesy Rolls Royce

For rival contender Honeywell's video pitch for the F125IN engine, click here.


Anonymous said...

RR is promoting made in india concept with obviously an indian in this video.F125IN says it has auto start ,where as RR has manual start,its weight is highter by 500 pounds. F125IN talks about FADEC,but no such thing from RR.
Its a tough choice. RR is in touch wiht HAL for almost two decades. where as US end user restrictions,availability of spares,transfer of tech all questionable issues. may the best product win the contest!

Anonymous said...

its not about the best thing

but how much the engine performance suffers without FADEC or auto start?

main thing is tech transfer and no end user restriction and commonality with the hawk engine

but if india decides the additional hawks to be purchased in addition to initial 62 for which the rfi HAS BEEN issued to various contenders then this engine surely give commonality

and this would be enough to kick out the f125 engine for which our govt has to do painstaking argue and bargain over TOT and end user agreement

Anonymous said...

They are so cheap! They hired the same desi dude to act out both business meetings, and ground verification.

Anonymous said...

to the Anonymous poster at 12:10 AM..

dude, the guy who was shown in the meeting WAS the Indian representative. they did not "hire" him..he was deputed by the Indian govt.

its amazing how pathetic idiots keep trying to find faults where there are none.

Anonymous said...

F125 is basically a commercial jet plane engine made to fit Fighter Jets. Looking at the specs the things like mileage, weight auto start and FADEC would have made a difference if the jet can accelerate as good as a Fighter Jet Engine, thats where the problem is. Taiwan has brought some of these and they have reported the same problem.
Do we want a Jet Figheter to move like a commercial plane???

Anonymous said...

Troll @ 2:27 PM

Do we want a Jet Figheter to move like a commercial plane???

The plane's movement is affected by its aerodynamics and mass, the engine is not going to change that. What the RR engine does change is spool up time to max thrust, but this is a character of all high(er) bypass turbofans.

It is not as if we are using a Trent or a GE90 which take upto 5-7 seconds to spool up. A two second spool up is not so bad when you consider the improvement a modern, high-bypass engine brings to the platform.

Just how many times do the pilots go from forward idle to TOGA, or vice versa? I'll tell you, only once, when taking off. No one drastically reduces the thrust once in air since losing energy in air combat is as good as committing suicide.

Come up with other lame talking points. Or even better, don't.

Anonymous said...

Price would also be a issue

Anonymous said...

"its amazing how pathetic idiots keep trying to find faults where there are none."

They said "watched by a Indian official". Does it mean government official? Hell no! Some Indian subcontractor who plans to get a cut out of the deal watched it. Why would an Indian government official be part of commercial that is sponsored by 'one' of the bidders for the project? Wouldn't Honeywell be outraged?

Does that go down your pathetic gullible head, or whatever is left of it?

Anonymous said...

"Price would also be a issue"

Idiots understand the price of everything and the value of nothing. The engine would easily pay off thanks to increased reliability, fuel efficiency and fewer scheduled maintenance.

Anonymous said...

to the idiot who posted anonymously at 6:29 what was posted on Rolls Royce's website..

"The Mk 821 engine was installed into a Royal Air Force Jaguar for the ground test at Cosford, which was witnessed by a representative of the Indian Government."

do you understand what a representative of the Indian Government means you dimwit ? RR isn't going to "hire" some Indian dude to act as if its a movie..the event where the Jaguar was tested with the Adour Mk 821 to full reheat was filmed and the small presentation was made, which will be shown to important people in the GoI, HAL and IAF. now go back to your school books and study harder, you retard.