Tuesday, September 08, 2009

EXCLUSIVE: Northrop's E-2D Pitch To Indian Navy

Northrop-Grumman has pitched the E-2D Advanced Hawkeye as a next-generation shore-based airborne early warning & control (AEW&C) platform to the Indian Navy. Excerpts from the presentation.


Vivek said...

Hi Shiv! Could you shed some light on how much this system's capabilities overlap the Phalcon and the P-8I. What role would this perform within the IAF/IN that the Phalcon and Poseidon can't take care of between them?

Anonymous said...

Here we go.

We got another foreign product advertiser replacing Pasun Chorgupta.

Keep going shiv.I hope LM is paying you for this publicity.

Anonymous said...

Technically capable, but US can never be trusted for arms supplies since they are our enemies and have used Pakistan as proxy to wage war for over 50 years. The aircraft will likely be bugged or have special 'codes' that can be triggered from external RF signals to degrade its performance. A white elephant.

Anonymous said...

The second graphic shows a plane flying over a india-shaped lake wit no kashmr. Poor marketing.

Anonymous said...

what if this hawkeye cost as much as g550 AEW

Anonymous said...

Take it easy guys. It's only been offered to the IN. There's no hard and fast rule that you have to eat everything which is put on the table, is there? I'm sure the IN or the babus will turn down the product.

Anonymous said...

Hey you dumbo @ 5.55PM

The E-2D hawkeye is manufactured by Northrop Grumann! So if you wanna accuse him of being payed by the OEMs, at least take the correct name!

BTW, there's this rumour that the Su-30 MKIs are gonna be based at A&N. Is that true?

Anonymous said...

Hi Shiv,

They only do it when they want to save their industry,not because of love towards us :


They want to keep people so they can research more like the MMRCA competition so we buy their junk (so called advanced tech) and do not become self reliant. Always needing their permission to use them and they also decide against whom we use it.

Anonymous said...

For a shore based AEW, G550 is a much superior solution. At least it can reach its deployment area at jet speed.

Anonymous said...

Shiv, any update on the An-32 that went down over Arunachal Pradesh on 10-Jun-09. Was it shot own by the Chinese?

Is the Govt hiding something?

saptarishi said...

funny what silly people we are,,i don' know why are people so against buying american weapons,,,this is 21st century,,cold war is over,conditions have changed,pakistan is busy with its war on terror,,real threat is china,,reports say china may attack india in 2012,,because it wants to deviate attention from its internal matters.WAKE UP TO THE REALITY FELLOEW INDIANS ,,,SCRAP THE NON ALIGNMENT TREATY AND ENTER NATO,,like many american enemies during cold war like POLAND,BULGARIA ,ALBANIA,HUNGARY,SLOVAKIA,SLOVENIA,ROMANIA have done,,,with uncle sam helping us we can be very strong,,,but if we continue to be same ,,we may well have to face the same embarrassment of 1962,,,,so go and forge a strategic partnership with usa

Anonymous said...

Cool down boy, they are small dependent countries with no intention of becoming independent, they are happy that big daddy is feeding them tell me how many are of the size of india, what are their annual exports, we need friends to fight enemies not masters who help us and make slaves forever

Anonymous said...

The presentation looks like DRDO's AEW radar presentation, posted here sometime back. India must buy DRDO's AEW.

Anonymous said...

ya saptarishi dasgupta why dont you ask fellow bong prasun chorgupta for 1 way ticket to amreeka,hain?

Vincent said...

I am against my first world country giving such advanced technology to third world India. Firstly, they would not know how to use it properly, hence making us look bad with their vacuous complaints. Secondly, the power of such technology is far in excess of their needs, which is mainly against Chinese homemade junk. Thirdly, I just watched Kanthaswamy and any country that uses a goddamn rooster as caped hero does not deserve much more than sympathetic clucks.

Anonymous said...

to saptarishi


with uncle sam helping us we can be very strong,,,but if we continue to be same
u seems drunk and our soldiers die for American benefits like other NATO nations suffering

u r a headless idiot

Dhagash said...

There are no friends and enemies in trade. If someone has a good product that we need then we should go for it. No need to label USA as our enemy because majority of Indians will disagree with that. Do you think Russians are supplying weapons to us out of goodwill and if that's the case then why are they arming China?!!
Change your nonsense Cold-war era mentality.
Without a doubt, USA has the most advanced defense industry and many of the American products cost less than French or British counterparts. Remember how many lives could have been saved if we had those American made Firefinder radars during Kargil war.

anthony said...

If the NG E-2D Advanced Hawkeye is purchased, the Indian Navy will possess an AWACS capability with almost parity to the Indian Air Force's Il-76 Phalcons.

NJS said...

E-2d Hawkeye is an advanced version offered to india , which has no combat in it , its a Early warning radar for navy, its currently inducted in US navy, but it seems to be advanced in tech while compare other in same class .

Our northern boundaries near to china is more range with mountain in kms , Howitzer with 39 - 40 kms will not fire its bullets up to the range we required, it needs more long range nearly 80 kms howitzer which is produced by BAE systems / south african howitzer nearly 65 kms. india should be in advance in weapons , then we could have clean edge with dragons. Maintaining small inventory in weapons and afraid to enemies is not a perfect path , defense ministry should realize it ( its a life of 120 cr people's of India). India need to avoid another 1962 horrible .

Indian. said...

Since Navy donot have any carriers to carry E-2D.Anyways it is using the same as a shore based AEWACs,then why not purchase Phalcons instead?

Israelis can be much better trusted than Yankees.
EULA terms of Yanks are disgusting.

Any sovereign nation like india cant take it.
It might work for slaves of US,but not for a country like US.

and for people who are attesting to buy american stuff,

No matter how much advanced tech you buy from them,once you were no longer needed by them, they will embargo you in a million ways.On this blue planet if it is any one who cant be trusted----Its none other than YANKS.They are the biggest SOB`s ever.
Buy all the defence stuff from them and just do one nuke test,everything we have needs to be moved to junk yard.We are not ever like China to reverse engineer.Then all this money we spend now on US stuff wont even worth a penny then.

Be it warm or cold,hard or soft its a zillion times better to buy from russians instead of yankees.They are really the all weather friends.
IF yankees does provide you a reactor for your nuke submarine,i will do abhishekam with my 6 litre blood .

Shit like Gorshy happens.And it wont be like that forever.Either of the sides have to go with it.But if its US, then India has to take the shit all the time.

Since china is rising and US needs some one to take the share of countering--It is using India.And unfortunately our bastardss congress leaders fell in trap .

It is still weaponising the porkistan.Even though it knows that porkis gonna use those weapons against India.

whats the point of giving billion dolalrs deals to US if it is not satisfying and obliging Indian interests?
Just fcuk the US crap.And fcuk the US advertisers.they are not nationalists anymore.

People already ignored chorgupta.And Shiv dont get urself into same situation.

Long Live Revolution.

Anonymous said...

Since Navy donot have any carriers to carry E-2D.Anyways it is using the same as a shore based AEWACs,then why not purchase Phalcons instead?

why not the CABS AEW&C aircraft ? why do we have to buy foreign for everything ?

by the time E2D arrives the CABS aircraft will be in service with IAF.

Vincent said...

hey thambi

still behaving like a newly affluent landlord checking into a five star hotel I see, tracking your cheap cologne and bad attitude everywhere

people are trying to sell you weapons, excellent tested weapons at that, not become your nursemaid and wipe your nose for you.

this attitude of entitlement, which indians often accuse pakistanis of, guess what you have it too. i blame mothers of the subcontinent who over coddle their idiot sons and tell them they are excellent when they are obviously not.

the makers of LCA etc are obviously born of such circumstances as well, breeding a generation of spoilt, sulky-lipped, know it alls who expect everything served on a plate for a few cheap dollars

go back to bullying the unfortunate lower castes on your small tract of land and leave the thinking to the few of your population who had a real education in overseas first world universities


manu said...

Good to know what the navy is considering. Maybe it will put some fire under DRDO to speed up delivery.

Indian said...

I said Phalcon for Navy because it has 360 degree coverage.And out AEW has only 240 degree.Because on land our AEW works in tandem with Phalcons.In that case there will be no short comings.

But on sea and supporting a CBG an AEWACS has to stay considerably longer periods with 360 degree coverage.It would be a better option to go with Phalcons,known the capability of the birds.

E-2D is nuts."Yankee stuff-Dont buy-Beaware of sanctions" is written alover it.

Anonymous said...

Hawkeye and CABS AEW&C aircraft are totally different class , but the work is same . Hawkeye can be operated in Carrier based platform also . CABS AEW&C aircraft is similar to Phalcon in some level . Phalcon which is offered to india and refused to china due to USA pressure

USA / Russia are friendly countries , but their way of approach is different . Any way we need supporting country like US, against from China . even though russia is friendly country to india it will stand in neutral , in case of indo-china war . No country in world will work free for others ,they have some expectations , This mmrca deal may be finalized to US companies , due to we have any moment attack from dragons . The only big disadvantage from US is superiority complex /and will try to control us upto some level.

Anonymous said...

E-2D is nothing but junk . if the united states really care about india then they should offer india the E/A-18G GROWLER With HARM missiles.it is high time we indians should stand up & learn to say NO to obsolete junks offered by the U.S

Anonymous said...

here comes vincent the pole dancer !!

Vincent said...

what is so wrong with America feeling superior to you

America is superior in every way except number of beggars

the one thing that you lot learned from democracy is not free speech or equality or protection of liberty but leftist arrogance

Anonymous said...

IMO the only difference between buying american and buying something else is that americans tell you beforehand that you'll only be able to use it in the way they let you so.

Take it or leave it.

The other option is building yourselves your own AWACS.

Btw, no need to be a paranoid to distrust the american origin material, remember this?:

Anonymous said...

Very true , they are offering it to save their local industry with upfront saying you have you to use it in our codition. And rightly they would be turned down. We should not criticise them marketing their stuff. The indian interest is to get the right stuff but more imporant is FREEDOM to use it whenever thats why it should not be brought. India is no longer a Western colony

Anonymous said...

We are BUYERS and not Beggars. Regardless of level of advancement or "tried & tested" platforms, we buy what we can FULLY control. And here you are telling us that we have no choice but to accept! What an attitude! It's not a donation, it's a purchase

Vincent said...

so what its a purchase. when you buy a car, do you expect them to send you the production facilities too? what do you know how to control, you with mechanics who service Bison flying coffins and who can barely assemble old Su-27s up to spec. you haven't even had an aesa before and already your babus are insisting on an outmoded weather module on the aesa.

remember, once machine is modded, warranty ends. it is a high tech machine with specs and requirements you must learn, not a motorcycle trishaw to go free wheeling down the expressway.

don't run before you can walk kid. even if you know how to control, what do you do when you control? your doctrine and training are mediocre at best. there's so much India must learn to do and yet it is so arrogant.

You don't even know how to use your planes properly. In Kargil, the 2000s were the only ones that didn't hit the next mountain when it aimed to drop bombs and they were your only western planes, and you sit there and tell me you know how to wage 4CI war? you know how to make and eat chapati, that's what you know.

for a free cheap dollars, you expect the world - the third world rich man attitude. no other country in the world has problems with American EUMA like your country does. what special thing are you going to do in full control - bake tandoori on the warmed up aesa plate?

Gandhi must be gyroscoping in his grave right now. he was a humble man but probably the only one in India.

Anonymous said...

Now you are preaching us that we should spend our money but not expect to control them !!! What is the use of a high tech gizmo that becomes equivalent to a third-world clunker on D-day because of malicious codes & chips ??? and that too because you are going to war against the wishes/blessings of big master.
And who says no country has problem. Look at how the arm-twisted arabs feel about you.

Vincent said...

Yup, the Arabs hate us Big Scary Americans aright.

Saudi Arabia buying 72 more F-15s

Iraq aims to buy at least 96 F-16s

On a related note

Turkey to buy 7.8 billion Pac-3 missiles


US leads the way in foreign arms sales

Were you educated in a madrassah? Btw no one has problems with EUMA like sorry India.


Anonymous said...

Only you seem to have madrassah education looking at your expectations. Ha Ha, rebuking customer for wanting to own his purchase !!! How I wish your car was bugged with Auto company deciding which roads you will drive it on and a mechanism to remotely break down your car in case you chose otherwise.
As for arabs, am glad you found slaves. Do those armtwisted arabs have a choice? Just sell to those with easy oil money anyways.
You still didn't answer. What is the use of a high tech gizmo that becomes equivalent to a third-world clunker on D-day because of malicious codes & chips ??? and that too because you are going to war against the wishes/blessings of big master.
Go fool someone else.

Vincent said...

The equipment is on sale but not the tech. This is the case for everything you generally buy in this world. About your attitude of wanting everything for a few cheap dollars and wanting to be above the rules for just a bit of spend, read my reply in the Tejas thread.

Anonymous said...

When the CONTROL over the equipment is hidden in operating mechanism, the tech of controlling mechanism has to be for sale. Other things you talk about don't affect security of nation. Sell 10-15 years older stuff than what you have but its got to be in our control. If others are selling entry-level AESA, you too can sell that level tech but with the control in our hands. Latest without control is of no use on D-day.

It would be better if we just do business for trivial hardware that doesn't have a software or chips.
I bet you can't make that cost effective either.

As for your complaints about only us having problems with EUM, we can say the same thing about only you having humiliating terms of sale. Others just sell and buzz off. Besides, you rich arab customers don't have any looming war among themselves to worry about.

Who doesn't bargain? Who doesn't want more for less?
We have a right to make our demands, and you have the right to disagree and leave. Why cry?

Basically you overpaid brats have problems acknowledging that you cannot make ANYTHING cost effective in this world. First the japs then the koreans and now chinese are whipping your bums in that. So why come here and cry about our wallets being smaller? Go sell your toys to Oil Sheikhs. At least they don't bargain.

Anonymous said...

@Vincent who said:
"About your attitude of wanting everything for a few cheap dollars.."

>>> What makes WALMART so successful in America?