Thursday, September 10, 2009

Headlines Today Visits The Arctic

My friend and colleague Gaurav Sawant recently made a visit to the Arctic Circle with Greenpeace, a visit to study and research the rate at which global warming is feeding off the earth's ice caps. His fantastic report airs on Headlines Today on Saturday (September 12) and Sunday (September 13) at the times given above. Don't miss it.


Anonymous said...

"arctic".. this is a defence blog and why should we care?

Anonymous said...

why did India also ask for assistance in designing and building nuclear aircraft carrier like they have deal with Brazil case for N-Sub.And buy Rafale fighter
along with TOT.

Vincent said...

Shiva, shouldn't you be writing about the fact that your main naval supplier the Russians are buying Western ships while they sell you their old designs?

This is pure pwnage for the Indians.

NJS said...

S. korea has already bought U-214 submarines from germany and follow on order for another 6 nos ,it has placed order in same class .

I wonder how these peoples are making fastrack purchase for their country and why india is making dead end slow in selection/ purchase.Even though our country has Brutal enemy's like China /Pak who is preparing for any moment counter attack against India, Our unpreparedness is an example of non patriotic way

If we are researching a new product it will definitely takes many years , I wonder it does take many years for selecting also.

Anonymous said...

i agree with NJS.....even malaysia got their scorpenes in just 3-years. whereas reports suggest indian scorpenes will start to arrive from mazagon docks not before 2011. that makes it 7 years after the deal was signed in 2005. this slow rate of procuring is killing india.

also why on earth can india not have the U-214??? just why not ????the u-214 is the best SSK in the world has ever seen. so what if pakistan has selected it ??? india can still now buy more than 8-10 U-214s, & HDW will supply them at a much faster rate of 1 SSK per year.

lack of technical expertise among defence ministry officials is the reason why india always suffers.

NJS said...

Dear Vincent , Russia is not buying any combat ships from france , i think its Mistral class ship , its for transporting troops/ armoured vehicles . To research & developing this kind of ships ,it will take more to spend that's what russia has purchased it.
Even USA has purchased su-27, Migs , Anti-tank missiles , up to some volume from other countries , which has been supplied from russia. Normally US will say it is just for training purpose. so do you say US is not capable to produce Cutting edge tech . Naturally every country has this kind of habbit of purchasing other weapons for spying /research purpose.

Anonymous said...

er, you're mistaken. Russia wants up to 6 Mistral ships, and is also contemplating buying Dutch Rotterdam LPDs. It is also negotiating to buy quite a number of German 212 submarines, all this while making and selling Russian designed ships to India, claiming they are just as good as Western ships and cheaper.

the links are below. who is the fool here?