Sunday, September 06, 2009

IAF Orders 30 More Rohini Radars

Satisfied with the performance of the indigenously developed and built Rohini 3D Multifunction Medium Range Surveillance Radar, the Indian Air Force has placed an in-principle order of 30 more at a cost of Rs 2001 crore. In August last year, the IAF received its first Rohini radar, as part of an initial order for seven systems worth Rs 275 crore. All seven systems have since been handed over and operationalised.


Anonymous said...

Are u aware of the farewell dinner to Mr Natarajan and welcoming new SA to RM Dr Saraswat wherein all former Scientific Advisors including Dr Abdul Kalam came and stood by Dr Saraswat. Not only the former SAs but also all the former Chief Controllers were also present.

A very good beginning for the new SA Dr Saraswat.

I hope you get some photos f the event and publish the photos

Mayuresh Gaikwad said...

2001 crores! I wonder how the DRDO calculated such an odd number and did not round it off

Anonymous said...,150

AK said...

Well this is step in the right direction. We need to increase the indigenous content of our defence purchase. Good work DRDO.

Vishal said...

Whats the delivery schedule of these 30 Rohini radars like?

NJS said...

we are happy to hear this news , indian forces interested in indian products , really a good news .

DRDO should develop MBRL longer range & Howitzer guns which our armed forces needs hardly .

Anonymous said...


All the Rohini radars will be delivered by mid 2030.By then they will be outdated...and our pampered AF will issue some alien RFP for new radars.Cheers..:)

Anonymous said...

the rohini are being delivered at the rate of almost one a month. so the anon above is speaking through his hat. BEL in fact has the capability to provide upto 20 radars a year.

and the other anon who is thinking he is very smart by linking to an image on the PIT website doesnt know the original 3D CAR was a co-development between PIT and DRDO, with the antenna being a joint venture, and India doing the signal processing and rest. The rohini has a new Indian antenna which outperforms the earlier design. the rohini is clearly a large success for DRDO. otherwise the IAF would have to import some 2300 crores worth of radars from abroad.

NJS said...

If i want to know our indian defense current status, i normally vist : Pakistan defense forms , Naturally in 24hrs a day , they use to spent 20 hrs in thinking about india only , Any way i got a good news ( i pray it suppose to happen )
The article published :
India to buy 50 more Su-30MKIs

Zhukovshy, Russia: Russian officials at MAKS 2009 (August 18 to 22) were upbeat about defence relations with India. The IAF will soon sign a contract for 50 additional Su-30MKI aircraft, and 40 more Mi-171V helicopters. Indian and Russian officials held extensive talks on upgrade of Su-30MKI and on modifications to carry BrahMos cruise missile on the aircraft. This is not all. According to Russian officials, the partnership on the fifth generation aircraft, PAK FA (T-50) and the Multi-purpose Transport Aircraft (MTA) is on schedule. Notwithstanding the uncertainty over INS Vikramaditya (Admiral Gorshkov), the first batch of MiG-29K/KUB fighters will be delivered to India by end this year. The remaining two IL-38SD aircraft of the Indian Navy with Russia since five years would also head home. And Russians are superbly confident of MiG-35’s successful participation in the 126 M-MRCA competition. They have also decided to field Kamov Ka-52 Alligator attack helicopter for the IAF’s 22 attack helicopter tender. With so much on the bilateral platter, Indian officials were Russian’s favourite flavour at the air show.

Back in New Delhi, senior IAF officials confirmed that the case for Acceptance of Necessity (AoN) for 50 additional Su-30MKI has been sent to the defence ministry.

AK said...

Anonymous@2:45 PM

What makes you think that DRDO and IAF will not work on the continuos upgrade programs of this radar. The future variants will be even better and capable just like the Su30 MKI upgrades. Think before you ink.

Anonymous said...

Indian defence R & D is finally bearing fruit.But why can't we sell these systems to friendly countries.It will bring us a lot of benefits(foreign exchange,economies of scale,employment)

Anonymous said...

Not an indigenous developed, but a assembled one from poland.


Mobile Medium-Range 3D Surveillance S-Band Radar characterized by instrumented range of 240 km is dedicated to detect and automatic track up to 120 air targets to the altitude of 30 km.

Anonymous said...

2001 crores! I wonder how the DRDO calculated such an odd number and did not round it off

Mayuresh भैया, the last 1 crore is for the accountant who is cooking the books and allowing others to make profit worth 1-10 crore each on this order. Accountant साहिब also needs his 'comission'. What is one crore more when you are stealing 500-700 crore?

Anonymous said...

ANON@4:404, read the comment by anon@3:49, this is NOT the TRS-19 or TRS-15.

The original 3D CAR shared the same antenna array with the TRS-15/19 since it was a JV. The new Rohini has a brand new Indian developed antenna array and beamformer in the receive path, able to handle higher power. The Indian radar can handle >150 tracks whereas the Polish only 120, and it has two new variants for the Navy and Army.

How do I know this? I just returned from visit to the IAF personnel which tested the first 3D CAR variant and which also specified modifications to original 3D CAR with LRDE at Bharat Electronics, which is now making these radars. The radar was then upgraded with all new planar phased antenna array and new receive side electronics and signal processing, these electronics are being made by a consortium of Indian Industries both private and public.

Larsen and Toubro is supplying the stabilization system with cooperation with DRDO.

This is a huge step forward for DRDO and India, with 37 radars ordered. Bharat Electronics guys are saying that upto 100 may be eventually ordered especially if Army also places bulk order with BEL.