Monday, September 14, 2009

LCA Team Has Trouble Filling The Hours :)

Copyright HAL


Anonymous said...

Cool. Shows how much faith and support the people of this country has on our scientists and engineers. Wish the LCA team all the best. Expecting some good news about the Trainer and the Naval version.

Anonymous said...

Fine with the Jingoism here. But the workmanship leaves a lot to be desired.

Realist said...

Worksmanship? Jingoism?

Are you mad? This is a model handmade by an enthusiast in an out of the way part of India, paying 30,000 Rupees from his own pocket. Appreciate his passion, I would never spend that much or even put so much effort, and that man did it. Hats off.

Anonymous said...

30,000 thousand!!! How come, when HAL has spend 5 lakhs just for the paint job for LCA model in HAL museum !!!

Ah!! may be they are tired after preparing "state of the art" HAL museum model plane with carbon composits, titanium landing gear, ejection seats, all-glass cockpit, mmr radar, single blade turbo fan engine, fly-by-wire computer all coated with a radar absorbing paint and mounted with helina and astra supported by drop tanks and gun turret

No wonder they were trekking for a welcome break

PS. they will soon start working on MCA model now

Bobby said...

to anon @ 12:14pm

the LCA model at the museum is made mostly out of wood.