Thursday, September 24, 2009

New Post

New post up on my official blog Know Your Enemy, titled Our Politicians Should Be Fighter Pilots is here.


Sarang said...

this is really sad, cant we do some kind of campaign against this
I know it might have zero effect but give us the satisfaction that we dint stay quite

Anonymous said...

"N" exposes later, shiv churns out another damning article. Will it wake up the collective conscience of those in the corridors of power. I seriously doubt it but I honestly hope something gets done. I think the only way out is for the pilots family to file cases and PIL's and sue the AF and GOI. Am sure the ministers will quip - So many people die of hunger everyday, why bother? A compensation cheque and a few empty promises later, it is business as usual - Back to looting the taxpayers... and pulling the wool over their eyes.

Prasun K Sengupta said...

Well crafted and articulated analysis and comments. Congrats!
Would you also kindly modify the section describing your area of specialisation from 'defence correspondent' to 'national security affairs correspondent'? Would be more apt, in my humble view. Cheers!

the terminator said...

A very insightful article about the lackadaisical and indifferent attitude of the politicians who do not care for anything except for their ill-gotten gains through arms deals and lobbying for foreign vested interests.

These utterly shameless bastards who claim to work for the people are the same ones guilty of letting young officers die in vain because they could not care less for them or their families.

Does it take rocket science for these imbeciles to fast track the acquisition of trainer aircrafts that should form the backbone of any airforce?

Do they not understand the amount of taxpayers' money invested in the training of these officers who are responsible for the security of the nation?

Are these politicians so brain-dead and devoid of human feelings that they just can't be moved by any disaster to take proactive action?

The list against these dickheads and their attitude to screw the taxpayers for their own benefit is endless.

Thank you Shiv for exposing these leaches. If concerned and responsible journalists like your goodself do not expose these scoundrels, the general public may think that everything is hunky- dory with the GOI and MOD.

The public may even believe the drivel spewed by these vermins about the nation's security preparedness.

It is high time concerned journalists wrote about the shortcomings and apathy that seems to be prevalent in the GOI and MOD about the procurement process for defence equipment.


Make them accountable for their misdeeds. Campaign against them at the next General Elections. Boot them out before they wreck the whole country.

Anonymous said...

Ouch the fury above is scary.