Thursday, October 29, 2009

Indian Army Looks For 300 Advanced Light Tanks

The Indian Army has put out a request for information (RFI) for 200 wheeled and 100 tracked advanced light armoured vehicles for use in semi-mountainous and mountainous regions in the North and North East, developed and semi-developed terrain in the Western borders and in the island territories.

The Army has stipulated that it wants the wheeled light tanks configured 8x8 with a maximum weight not exceeding 22-tons (for the tracked version as well).


Truth for India said...

IA loves foreign products but what happened to ICV Abhay? Is it just a tech demo?

IA desperately need light tanks against China along LAC. But not 300 at least 1000. They should concentrate on long range wheeled artillery as well. Good move though.

Anonymous said...

That explains the Stryker show at Yudh Abyas 2009.

Anonymous said...

Why have you written exclusive? All this has been reported before also


i dont like to show interest on such INDIAN-ARMY news , bcoz after all they would buy a foreign equipments ,

C'MON !!!!!!!!!!!!!! where our money going for RESEARCH & DEVE. we don't have our own indian made FIGHTER-PLANE, HELICOPTER, AND MANY...........



ken said...

You have not published the details of the RFP. Please publish the details if any is available.

Anonymous said...

Why dont Indians also import foreign soldiers?

Bobs said...

to the first poster :
ICV Abhay has been rejected by the IA.

Anonymous said...

Even the air force is changing it's attitude towards indigenous systems. But not the army, such a bunch of brats.

chandrabhan said...

I just can't understand the logic of having 'Light armoured tanks' but I am sure there are professionals who understand the need and desired role these tanks are going to play.
However one thing I want to add is acquisition of Ultra light Howitzers ( like yesterday) for deployment in North east and laddakh. we must acquire/borrow newer artillery pieces urgently. Even the urgency has lost it's meaning since we have bought nothing since Bofors calamity and every test has returned Bofors on top of charts. UPA will not touch it with a barge pole also.

I amsure the armour of this light tank is good enough to withstand certain calibre. Army knows best.

No stryker does not fall in this category at all.

Anonymous said...

Govt need to involve private firms in defense manufacture / research.
Govt sources are dead end slow in research and wasting money like anything, we are not satisfied their way of research . India is manufacturing with tot T-90 & already have tech of t-72 , but up to now they can't develop a better Advanced light tank, even they allowed to import tank electronics but no use , no result - only time and money wasted.

Anonymous said...

Put a gun turret on armoured Mahindra Marksman for the hilly terrain. Put some electric batteries(for running heaters in himalayan cold) underneath to compensate for the CG shift due to heavy turret. Even Stryker may be too wide for hilly terrain.

Anonymous said...

tanks are a no no in mountanious regions. what one needs in mountaineous regions is long-range MBRLs with ranges of over 130-140km. mountains are graveyards for tanks.i guess what india needs is an excuse to buy american strykers, which are worthless junks.

sad too see that the indian army can stoop so low

SmarterOne said...

@Rohit Kumar
Get yer facts right or dont speak wen u know nothing.
LCA Tejas is Indian made fighter plane.
ALH Dhruv is Indian made helicopter (which is exported even to countries like Israel).
I can give u a long list but its of no use coz we Indians only know to crib & curse.
We all expect DRDO to aquire every damn technology overnight & start producing the next day.
Where on earth has products never failed (except for pak - who never developed nething just changed the name), even the Americans have a very long history of failures & their products routinely fail even today.

Anonymous said...

To anon @ 1.54 a.m: Wa-le-kum-ASS-SALAAMI! India did consider importing foreign soldier at one time. But after our soldiers took 90000 of your porki brothers (or fathers as the case may be!) as POWs in 1971, it was decided the our soldiers are good enough to kick porki ass!

By the way, I feel that the Porkistan should seriously consider recruiting Taliban members into it's army since they seem to fight well (in part because most of them are paid & trained by us!).

the terminator said...

Anon 1:54. That was a gem. The IA and the IAF to a certain extent love the foreign moola and other perks that come with foreign products.
As you say, they should import foreigners to fight so that they can enjoy the funds and perks they receive from the foreign companies.
Is the IA learning from their Pakistani counterparts? The Pakistanis get foreigners to do the dirty work while they enjoy the American dollars.

Sancho said...

to chandrabhan

What the IA seems to want is a 8x8, or tracked tank destroyer and the Stryker has a version with a 105mm gun, so it is an option.

Also most(tracked)light tanks don't fit in the weight class of 22t, because today most countries have wheeled light apc/ifv and heavier tracked version.
The tank in the picture is the US Stingray tank, which weighs only 20t, but it was developed in the 80s and the only army that uses it is the Thai army.

Anonymous said...

Its high time that the IA got some more firepower to be used at high altitudes and moutainous terrain. They seriously need to beef up their firepower..this is just the beginning- they still haven't gotten their artillery tender sorted out and its seriously going to hurt us if a war or a battle in the mountains breaks out anytime soon.

Anonymous said...

Small size does not mean low weight. Smaller sized tank for hilly areas equipped with sufficient protective armour can be slightly heavier too. The only weight constraint should be from Transport aircraft. Specifications should be about the smaller dimensions and weight < max transportable by plane

chandrabhan said...

In that case, can a stryker be converted to tracks in the battle field or we need to buy them in the configuration?
If we re looking for 105MM gun then Indian field artillery can be mass produced. However, I am more for the induction of 'Abhay' ASAP to serve in north east and loads of ultra light howitzers - Wheeled.

Anonymous said...

Bhim SPG anyone?

Sancho said...

to chandrabhan

No, the Stryker is a 8x8 vehicle, but the article says 200 8x8 and 100 tracked. That means the army wants two different vehicles with guns.
There was a light tank prototype of Abhay as well with a 105mm gun:

And I would prefer Abhay as IFV and light tank too, but as far as I know it was only a tech demonstrator.
Anyway if IA wants foreign arms I would prefer the Patria AMV over Striker, because of more space and range and can also be fitted with a gun:

Combine the deal with the CV90 light tank + some double barrel Mortar versions of CV90 and Patria (same Morta gun available for both) + some CV90 APC with the same 40mm cannon that Abhay had and the Archer self-propelled artillery (which already is in an IA competition) and the Army would have a light and fast moving armored vehicle brigade, with great fire power, perfectly suited for the mountain region.

debmalya said...

Is it a hint that IA is looking for the STRYKER in its wheeled version? And which are the contenders for the order of the 100 tracked versions?

BigB said...

Hi Shiv,

I religiously follow your blog everyday for defence updates!

I am still waiting for your update on the contenders for Indian Army's Light Tanks. Hope to see your article soon!

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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