Wednesday, October 21, 2009

PHOTOS: Day 3 At Cope India 2009

Photos by Om Prakash / DPR Defence


Anonymous said...


You are always busy covering high profile events.

Pleaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaze update us on the Arjun Tank vs T-90 mahasangram. Due date was Oct-09. Has the army postponed the trials again?

What about the development of Arjun mark 2

Anonymous said...

don't understand why the army is not coming forward with the comparative is all about money and corruption in high places.

Pranab said...

Ou guys looks so smart..isnt??
Proud of them

Simranjit Singh said...

Hi Shiv

Can u please get us some photos of IAF's new mobile hospital that they planned to showcase in Cope India 09.


Shiv Aroor said...

These are the pictures from the inside of the mobile hospital. Will get some more soon.

Anonymous said...

The Anerican chink looks like Toshiro Mifune !