Monday, October 12, 2009

Prithvi-2 Proves Itself Again!

Two Prithvi-2 theatre ballistic missile was test-fired successfully in "salvo mode" today to near perfect accuracy again as part of trials with the user services. The firing took place at 10.30AM. According to a DRDO statement, "The two missiles aimed at two different targets 350-km from the launch point, met all the mission objectives". Two Naval ships located near the targets, tracked and monitored both the missiles hitting the targets very accurately. All the radars and other sensors along the East coast monitored the missiles trajectory parameters. The 350-km range missile was tested last on May 23 last year and April 15 this year, with the Army and had achieved single digit accuracy. Congratulations to Prithvi director DS Reddy and his team, and wishing them much more success with the Prithvi programme.

Photo from May 23, 2008 test. Stay tuned for new photos


Anonymous said...

"he 350-km range missile was tested last on May 23 this year with the Army and had achieved single digit accuracy. he 350-km range missile was tested last on May 23 this year with the Army and had achieved single digit accuracy. "
This is incorrect. The correct date is May 23rd 2008, not 2009. The last P-II test was done on 15th April, 2009

Anonymous said...

India also needs this
It can be burried deep underground with mouth protected with heavy metal gates that open for a really short time and close like camera shutter.

Venu said...

Why are users testing it so many times? Are they looking for a failure of this so that they can go and order short range Iskander missiles from abroad? Or is it to test the new revolutionary technology in the disguise of Prithvi-2.

I for one, seriously wish it to be the later one.

Kannan said...

Heard from many places than Indian BM accuracy was lame.Even Pinaka had accuracy problems. So why has suddenly everything hitting bulls it laser-ring gyroscope or better IN update or some better terminal guidance..laser-based?SAR? or something..

Anonymous said...

The accuracy thing is not new. They came up with better accuracy two or three years before. Now it has been brought down to less than 10 meters. May be in some more years the accuracy may improve to less than 1m. Lol.

Anonymous said...

Its like a blow torch rising to the

Anonymous said...

Only hope that the military orders large numbers(>1000) of these, not a piddly 25 or 200!

Other than wiki, is there a place to find the current inventory of Indian missiles?

Anonymous said...

deadly accurate!not one , both of them!

joydeep ghosh said...

everything is ok but i have some queries. does anybody has a answer to my queries.

Q1. does the Surya missile project really exist
Q2. does the Agni 5 canistered missile signals the end of missile development, and is capable to hitting any chinese town.
Q3. can we launch Agni 5 from submarines
Q4. India's present armoury includes several non canistered missiles, can the already manufactured missiles be converted in into canistered ones
Q5. India recently test fired 250 km Prithvi, this was done by army, but as far as i know the 250 km Prithvi was with the air force, are they not in control of the missile anymore
Q6. can our Prithvi missiles be tailored with MIRVs