Prithvi-2 Proves Itself Again!

Two Prithvi-2 theatre ballistic missile was test-fired successfully in "salvo mode" today to near perfect accuracy again as part of trials with the user services. The firing took place at 10.30AM. According to a DRDO statement, "The two missiles aimed at two different targets 350-km from the launch point, met all the mission objectives". Two Naval ships located near the targets, tracked and monitored both the missiles hitting the targets very accurately. All the radars and other sensors along the East coast monitored the missiles trajectory parameters. The 350-km range missile was tested last on May 23 last year and April 15 this year, with the Army and had achieved single digit accuracy. Congratulations to Prithvi director DS Reddy and his team, and wishing them much more success with the Prithvi programme.

Photo from May 23, 2008 test. Stay tuned for new photos

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