HAL Spokesperson's Farewell Letter to HAL Employees

HAL spokesperson M Anantha Krishnan is out of the organisation after four years on the job. HAL employees received this farewell letter from him today:

Dear All,

Greetings to YOU.

They say all good things come to an end. Truly so, I am sitting down to write the final mail as the Chief of Media Communications and Official Spokesperson of HAL. I am sure, for many of YOU this mail will be a big surprise, for some it could be on the expected lines, and for others it will be just another mail.

November 10, 2009 is my last working day with HAL. I joined HAL on August 8, 2005 and would be completing four years and three months and three days, when I finally bid goodbye. Not many would know that I was on an annual contract and I was given a three months notice by HAL. My colleague in Delhi, Mr. Ashwin Raj, Media Affairs Co-ordinator, is signing-off today, November 9, 2009. Rest of the team members had left us last year after completing their contractual obligations and took up permanent jobs in newspapers.

Ashwin and I are getting out of HAL at a time when the job scenario outside is extremely bleak following recession and its fall-out. But then we didn’t have any choice. Ashwin & I had joined HAL from The Times of India, Bangalore. The one-to-one rapport I built with thousands of employees and officers across HAL and the love and support I received over the years for all our initiatives, especially Minsk Square Matters (MSM), is something that I will cherish for a lifetime. Sitting in one room in HAL Corporate Office, I could feel ‘Your’ pulse and aspirations and we tried our best to make the world know that here’s an HAL that’s propelled by people power and not just machine might.

I will miss your constant phone calls, emails, letters, SMSes – something that triggered my passion constantly. Like YOU, I will miss MSM. With ‘Your’ support, we brought up MSM like a child, and today when it has started walking and running, it’s creator in me has to bid goodbye. As Dr. Kalam wished, MSM found a special place in the heart and soul of YOU all. And despite all this, if YOU are still wondering why I have to leave, I request YOU to treat it as yet another unanswered mystery of our times. Be honest, straightforward and always speak out, if YOU are confident that YOU are right.

Thank YOU for a patient reading. Thank YOU for investing faith in Corporate Communications. Thank YOU for giving me an opportunity to serve YOU. I will miss YOU.
Best Wishes.
Anantha Krishnan M.

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