Sunday, December 20, 2009

PHOTOS: Indian Navy Foils Piracy Attempt Again

At about 5:30 PM on 19 Dec 09, while proceeding to effect rendezvous with Merchant Ship MV SEAMEC II, Indian Naval Warship deployed in the Gulf of Aden picked up a distress call from MV SANDERLING ACE, of sighting a white skiff (speed boat) approaching her at 20 Knots. MV SANDERLING ACE also raised an alarm on Ship Security Alert System. On receiving the alarm, the Indian Naval Warship immediately launched her Chetak helicopter to intercept the skiff. On sighting the helo, the SKIFF broke off from the merchant vessel. Subsequently, when the helicopter fired warning shots, the SKIFF stopped. Ship thereafter closed the skiff. During the process of investigation by the ship, nothing suspicious was found onboard. The seven pirates in the boat expressed inability to understand any language other than Arabic. As no other piracy triggers were observed, the skiff was released after investigation.


Varun said...

Maybe it was just a false positive. Maybe it was not a piracy attempt at all.

If it was indeed a piracy attempt, the alleged pirates would have carried _some_ kind of weapons, right? Under the given circumstances when it is not clear that it was definitely a piracy attempt the title appears very misleading to me.

Anonymous said...

If there were no weapons on board, were there fishing equipment on board?

My opinion is that these pirates are getting off too easily. These guys should at least be cuffed, and get a thorough CAVITY search.

Anonymous said...

When challenged, the pirates are known to dump their weapons and other incriminating evidence into the sea.

Only a thorough forensic test for traces of explosive material would establish the facts.

The ship's captain and the Indian Navy dealt with the situation in the correct manner.

Rishi said...

what time it takes to just throw the weapons in the sea.
what if they indeed had weapons before being sighted.
All SOP's and measures of anti piracy mission must be taken care of.
Great effort.

Anonymous said...

the weapons (evidence) could have simply been thrown overboard.

Anonymous said...

shiv aroor, which ''indian navy ship'' did it? is it the same talwar one?

Shiv Aroor said...

nope. it was INS Savitri.

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Anonymous said...

Oh .. so it will be posted only after your approval . good . I just wanna show the hits.
I'm a fan of yours.Must have to say.. you are doing great . keep it coming boss.All d best :)


Anonymous said...

It was actually INS Godavari !!

read this article... it gives the ship's name

Anonymous said...


Any idea where is Prasun? not to be seen for quite some time. Hope he is safe and sound.

Anonymous said...

hello , when is your vacation ending..

MRUGEN said...

GO Navy GO.. Indian navy's anti piracy initiatives should be lauded and are also important in more than one perspective i.e. anti piracy.This go-ahead also encourages building strategic ties with other neighbors helping India to achieve an atmosphere of favoritism for India's needs reducing chinese influence, and the so called "pearl of string" initiative that Chinese deny but actively pursue.

Anonymous said...

shiv dear, so is it Savitri or Godavari? Any news frm ur side??

Anonymous said...

man, that last-in-the-line piarte guy with the white cap in the boat is Bin Laden's bro! i'm sure!