PHOTOS: Indian Navy Foils Piracy Attempt Again

At about 5:30 PM on 19 Dec 09, while proceeding to effect rendezvous with Merchant Ship MV SEAMEC II, Indian Naval Warship deployed in the Gulf of Aden picked up a distress call from MV SANDERLING ACE, of sighting a white skiff (speed boat) approaching her at 20 Knots. MV SANDERLING ACE also raised an alarm on Ship Security Alert System. On receiving the alarm, the Indian Naval Warship immediately launched her Chetak helicopter to intercept the skiff. On sighting the helo, the SKIFF broke off from the merchant vessel. Subsequently, when the helicopter fired warning shots, the SKIFF stopped. Ship thereafter closed the skiff. During the process of investigation by the ship, nothing suspicious was found onboard. The seven pirates in the boat expressed inability to understand any language other than Arabic. As no other piracy triggers were observed, the skiff was released after investigation.

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