Week After Flight, President Wants To Know Why Su-30MKIs Are Crashing

President of India Pratibha Patil has expressed concern and asked to be supplied with more information on the grounding of the Indian Air Force's Sukhoi fleet, just days after she became the first ever woman to fly in a Su-30MKI fighter. Sources tell LiveFist that Air HQ is currently preparing a comprehensive docket with information on the November 30 accident involving a Sukhoi-30MKI, in which both pilots survived, plus information on the procedures used by the IAF which necessitates such temporary no-flying periods to eliminate immediate problem areas that may have flight safety implications across the fleet.

Just to stir up the irony a little more, here's what the folks at Irkutsk had to say in a trumpeting little statement (nevermind the English) on the day that the President went up in the MKI: "In India, this plane has become a symbol of national pride. It takes part in all military parades and aviation exhibitions held in the country, successfully represents the national air forces on the international military games. Its image is placed on the anniversary coin which has been let out to the 75th anniversary of the air forces of India."

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