Friday, January 29, 2010

COMING UP: Where The Typhoon For India Stands

Have just finished a sensational, snowblown tour to the Luftwaffe's 73 Fighter Wing at Laage Air Force Base in Germany's north, which houses the country's Eurofighter Typhoon operational training and conversion squadron. Also stopped off at Manching near Munich, where final assembly of the Luftwaffe and Austrian Typhoons takes place. I took the photo above at the Laage's new "six pack" hangar setup -- it shows a Typhoon being marshalled back into its hangar after a forty minute training sortie. More exclusive photos and reports soon.

Photo by Shiv Aroor / Rostock-Laage Airfield, Germany


Anonymous said...

The Eurocanards have a short time until F-35 and PAK-FA get into full production. Either they can give us a good price on Eurofighter OR share the technology. The world is moving to 5th gen. Eurocanards need to think of LOSS-MINIMIZATION and NOT PROFIT MAXIMIZATION as yet. Only Gripen would break even most likely.

Anonymous said...

See the full flight:


Enjoy !

vijay said...

shiv sir, can you upload any videos that you make there, through a filesharing network or on youtube, so that we can watch it.

thank you

NAGADEEP said...

i think it's too costly for a country like India