Tuesday, February 02, 2010

Defence Minister's Tryst With Tejas

Defence Minister AK Antony today: "It is a historic day for us as far as country is concerned, aeronautics is concerned and for all of us. I congratulate all of them who started years back. there was a time when there was serious doubt about this programme. But all these doubts have been proved wrong today. You've seen the spectacular performance of LCA. Today I can assure you that at last LCA will be a reality. This is 2nd february 2010, I can tell you with confidence that by the end of this year, Dec 2010 the IOC of LCA is going to take place. End of 2012 final operational clearance will happen."


Abhishek Pillai said...
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Abhishek Pillai said...

Hi Shiv,
HAL was suppossed to fly HAL Light combat helicopter, instead of Tejas on Feb-2nd.
Please update on the Light Combat Helicopter.
Does HAL Feel, they carry on the legacy of HAL Tejas(2 decades to fly the prototype)to HAL light combat helicopter.

nat said...

I thought he was suppose to witness the first flight of the LCH? what happened? another delay?

Anonymous said...

too bad! PS sir is peeping from behind!!!! He is the PGD of ADA and a key man!!!

Anonymous said...

its fitted with astra mock up!!!!Anybody noticed that?