Tuesday, February 23, 2010

EXCLUSIVE PHOTOS Part 5: IAF Warriors Work Up For Vayu Shakti

Photos by DPR Defence taken between Feb 19-22.


Abhisek Sahoo said...

Hi Shiv. Thanks a lot for all these information. Lest I saw I vayu shakti in 1999. that time it came in the DD national channel. could you please let me know, if this time it's comming in DD national or any other channel ??

Shiv Aroor said...

Abhishek: All of the English news channels will be there, and will hopefully cut live generously to the events there. Promises to be quite a spectacle so I won't be surprised if there's quite a bit even on the private channels. DD i'm sure will be covering it extensively since the country's leaders, including the President are to witness the exercise.

manjunath said...

I like all the pics & specially the GARUDS , They r looking like US Marine ( They r B.Proof Jackets ) , its nice