Sunday, February 21, 2010

Indian MAVs Developed By ADE/NAL

Photos by Shiv Aroor


Shashank said...

Do you have any details of them, like the sensors they have or their specs

Rahul Singh said...

Details please.

Gagan said...

Shiv, if you had taken those photos better, the Design II "Golden Hawk" and the Design III "Pushpak" (Pusher prop version) their specs would have been visible better.

The only thing I can catch is:

Design II - Golden Hawk
Span - 300mm
Weight - 300 gm

Design III - Pushpak
Span - 300mm
Weight - 270 gm

More info is needed. How soon will a final design make it to the field commanders.
Also these come with battle field laptops which control the systems. Likely that there is a tie up with some private computer harware manufacturer. Please research this and post some info thanks.

AK said...

I saw a similar looking plane flying and landing at the HAL airport in Bangalore a few days back. I was a little surprised when I saw that plane in the sky. Is this design already in such an advanced stage of testing?

Anonymous said...

Can this be adapted for targeted assasinations, i.e., killing Hafiz Sayeed?