Monday, February 15, 2010

PHOTOS: LCA Navy First Flight Target End 2010

Bumped into Commodore CD Balaji who heads the LCA Navy programme. Full update on the programme coming up. Meanwhile enjoy these photos he shared with me.

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ajnabee said...


Shiv, one of my Russian friend want to use your Navel Tejas pics on his blog.

He is ok with your copyrights msg or any conditions that you propose.

What's ur take can he use it. Would u permit it.


Anonymous said...

Great news. Hope to see the prototype, up and flying fast.

Rahul Singh said...

NP-1's(two seater) or NP-2's(single seater)?

Wolfandman said...

So nice to hear Cdr Balaji's name. Me and his son used to be chums in school. Sent him a link to your post. Cdr Balaji also headed the N-ALH program, thorough gentleman.

coldfire2005 said...

is this the recent pictures ? if they are then aircraft will take more time for first takeoff then whats been targeted