Update On Nirbhay Cruise Missile

I asked DRDO chief Dr VK Saraswat about the Nirbhay cruise missile programme yesterday. He says the subsonic cruise vehicle technology demonstrator, being built with some minor collaboration with Israel (no major systems), has not yet reached system integration stage. However the Hyderabad-based Advanced Systems Laboratory (an ASL team visited Israel in November last year) has completed design of the propulsion system and the full aerodynamic study. Dr Saraswat has said that the ASL will be able to "show something" soon. A couple of sources I spoke to later said a mock-up of the Nirbhay is likely to debut at AeroIndia 2011. A mobile autonomous launcher for the Nirbhay is currently being developed by the Pune-based Research & Development Establishment (Engineering).

PhotoArt ┬ęShiv Aroor / LiveFist

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