Monday, March 15, 2010

AAD Test Aborted, Could Happen On/Before Wednesday

A scheduled test of India's Advanced Air Defence (AAD) endo-atmospheric ballistic missile interceptor was aborted today following what sources have called "coordination and launch sequence issues". The test has a window between March 10-17 to complete the test -- the third for the endo-atmospheric interceptor. The system -- demonstrated twice already with a remarkable degree of accuracy -- is part of India's two-tier ballistic missile defence (BMD) system, coupled with the Pradyumna Prithvi Air Defence (PAD) exo-atmospheric interceptor missile. Will post another update when I hear more about the AAD test. Stay tuned.


Anonymous said...

First the Agni 2 failures and now Prithvi. How DRDO expects to develop an ABM system when they can't even perfect a V2 copy?

Anonymous said...

Its being reported on news sites that the target missile 'deviated' from set path,hence the PAD radars/missiles did not respond.
Awkward,even PAD worked well in non-response, Did Prithivi Target fail to adhere to normal parameters?
Lets hope its only glitches.Prithvi has never failed us before i think.

Anonymous said...

Indian punctuality when we'll be able to be on time in any defence project. High time to change that..
Jai hind