Saturday, March 20, 2010

After Failure, AAD Interceptor Re-Test In June

India's endo-atmospheric interceptor missile, the Advanced Air Defence (AAD) weapon will be tested in a week-long window in the first half of June, according to sources. Data from the Integrated Test Range (ITR) is still being analysed by scientists from the programme. A serious malfunction of onboard flight control systems is likely to have caused the modified Prithvi to dive out of the sky and smash into the Bay of Bengal without attaining its programmed altitude before curving back for an interception. Scientists say they've figured out what went wrong and have corrected it. Let's hope so.


Rakka said...

I am really surprised that a proven and deployed missile system such as the prithvi should fail? Then what confidence will the armed forces have on the missile..?

Obviously then shun indigenous equipment.

m said...

The ABM test was aborted as the target malfunctioned. In other words the test didn't really take place. How is it that you are categorizing it as a failure???

Anonymous said...


As mentioned before in the comments, it is the modification of prithvi to MIMIC the two rivals' missiles that failed. It is the MIMICRY that failed not prithvi. Prithvi is very robust missile.

In US, it would have been called a "No Test". It is shocking that your title mentions it as failure.

Anonymous said...

This is shocking that Prithvi a deployed missile has malfunctioned.What will happen in a war?

burger's biet. said...

It is sure that AAD is one of the most rigid defense system, but with time all errors will get rectified.