EXCLUSIVE: IAF Floats Tender For Six Amphibious Aircraft

I used to wonder why companies like Beriev were so regular at Indian air and defence shows, with bold displays of their Be-200. Obviously they were expecting this one. The Indian Air Force has floated a brand new tender this month for six amphibious aircraft for "search and rescue missions, inter-island communication, rapid response duties and reconnaissance of islands". The IAF has set down a preference for a twin turboprop craft with a range of at least 800-nm. The IAF has also said it wants an aircraft with a short take-off capability, a cruising speed of about 200 knots and state-of-the-art avionics and EW kit, including RWR/MAWS. The Bombardier 415 (photo) and the Be-200 appear to be among the very few purpose-built amphibians still being built.

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