Sunday, March 21, 2010

Naval BrahMos Fired With Supersonic Manoeuver, Bang On Target

Just got off the phone with BrahMos CEO Dr A Sivathanu Pillai, delighted with the 11.30AM test of the Naval BrahMos supersonic cruise missile in a vertical launch from the Indian Navy destroyer INS Ranvir. Dr Pillai reveals the test was specifically aimed at testing the missile's accuracy when its flight path was infused with "diversionary manoueuvers" to mask the general direction of the launcher warship. The missile, vertically launched from a Vertical Launcher built for the BrahMos, was rolled in all directions successfully before before it smashed into the hull of INS Meen a decommissioned target vessel. Photos of actual launch will be posted shortly. Stay tuned.

Archival Photo of BrahMos Launch From Naval Warship


Gagan said...

The missile, vertically launched from a Universal Launcher built specifically for the BrahMos

Firstly is it a universal launcher? And secondly it is SPECIFIC for the Brahmos?

I would assume that a universal launcher would be capable of handling a certain family of missiles, and will be able to accomodate other missiles with appropriate inner linings etc.

If DRDO calls these universal launchers, can you please find out what all systems can these accommodate?

Nirbhay LACMs?

Anonymous said...

ERRR Gaganji - Brahmos itself is a UNIVERSAL missile, not a launcher!


What is the definition of a universal launcher anyway?

Anonymous said...

Video would be nice.

Anonymous said...

Does universal launcher here means that it can be deployed on all platforms of Indian Navy Battle ships? Same is the meaning when it is said that Brahmos is an UNIVERSAL missile? or, is it that Brahmos can be deployed on any of the naval platforms including merchant vessels if need arises? Just wondering.