Saturday, March 27, 2010

Prithvi-II, Dhanush Tested Successfully Today

Salvo mode firings of theatre ballisic missiles Prithvi-II and a ship-launched variant, Dhanush, were tested successfully at dawn today at India's missile testing site off the country's South-East coast. The Dhanush was fired first from INS Subadhra, followed a few minutes later by the Prithvi-II. The tests were conducted by the Strategic Forces Command. This was a totally user-conducted test, though DRDO chief VK Saraswat is understood to have been in attendance -- he is of course best known for his work with the Prithvi programme. The Agni-I is scheduled to be tested tomorrow.

See here for the previous Dhanush firing.


Gaurab said...

Look at the Survey - nobody like F16IN!!
I am surprised about Mig35 though - I thought it was a pretty strong contender.

joydeep ghosh said...

Hi Shiv I will be really grateful if you answer my queries.

Q1. Prithvi 2 was the 25 km range or 350 km extended range

Q2. Prithvi 2 was with the IAF, does the IAF and IA both operate the Prithvi 2

Q3 How many Dhanush does a IN ship carry

Anonymous said...

seems a warship can either carry a helo or a dhanush. the dhanush system looks like a test rig rather than an operational system.

Anonymous said...

Quite surprised to see the results of your survey Shiv. American teens seem to be the least popular amongst your readers. This just reflects the attitude of the Indian public towards the US and their high handed policies. Hopefully, the GoI will muster up enough courage to reject the teens in case their performance in the trials is found wanting.

Anonymous said...

Hmm.. why does this test look very similar to ABM testing.

Why use a ship in a salvo rounds? why not fire two Prithivi's from ground itself?

Is it mere co-incident that IN is involved in these testings. I feel there is a ship borne ABM system in the offering.

joydeep ghosh said...

any answers to my querries pls

Anonymous said...


Do u know where is Prasun Sengupta?


Anonymous said...

This liquid fueled missile (like other liquid fuel missiles) is a complete waste of time. Forget Prithvi, creat a 'nano' Agni for short range stuff.

Liquid fuel is useless as far as reliability and long term deployment is concerned.

KVR said...

A liquid fueled missile has a traveling circus . I cant understand why we raise so much of hungama about the Prithvi - might as well fire a A4(V2) of Peenemunde fame. when will we ever learn? When will the aam-janta wake up?

Anonymous said...

what does a 300KM 500KG Dhanush offer that a 290KM 500KG Brahmos doesnt?

I believe this is great from the point of view of learning how to manage and use ballistic missiles from ships. But from an effectiveness point of view, the liquid fuelled prithvi is not suitable for actual deployment.
Im sure you can have a big VLS cell of 12-16 brahmos in the real estate required for one or two prithvis and their associated "travelling circus" :D