Tuesday, April 27, 2010

$5.8-Billion C-17s For India Deal Progresses

In the latest step towards the final sale of 10 Boeing C-17 Globemaster-III heavy transports to the Indian Air Force, the Pentagon has notified US Congress of the prospective sale. According to the notification, "The Government of India (GOI) requests a possible sale of 10 Boeing C-17 GLOBEMASTER III aircraft, 45 F117-PW-100 engines (40 installed and 5 spare engines), 10 AN/ALE-47 Counter-Measures Dispensing Systems, 10 AN/AAR-47Missile Warning Systems, spare and repairs parts, repair and return, warranty, pyrotechnics, flares, other explosives, aircraft ferry and refueling support, crew armor, mission planning system software, communication equipment and support, personnel training and training equipment, publications and technical data, U.S. Government and contractor technical, engineering, and logistics support services, and other related elements of logistics support. The estimated cost is $5.8 billion."

Photo by Shiv Aroor / Agra Cope India 2009


Sid said...

simply fu**ing awesome.

600 million for one C-17?? have they gone insane or what? we can buy a damn destroyer/stealth frigate or submarine or half of MMRCA fighter planes strength.

One can buy 5 times IL-76 MD for such a price or 70 MMRCA planes. jeez.

biggest scandal of the century. what a waste of money.

Anonymous said...

Isn't it about time to change the flag fluttering over Raj Bhavan?
Another star gets added to the flag of United States. What baffles me however is, are we the 65th or 66th state of the United States?
Shameful indeed.

Maratha Mind said...

I read somewhere e;se that

1 Globemaster = 220 million US $ s
I dont know where you got the 600 figure from.

Anonymous said...

Hi, still talk...........when is this deal going to be finalized ???? read somewhere that delivery after 3yrs and all 10 delivered within 6 yrs of signing the contract ?????

and what happened to the 145 Light Howitzer M777 from BAE notification over 2 months ago (??)..............i read a report sometime back that it had been cleared by the MOD and also the CCS ????

Pratik Sawerdekar said...

I can't believe people over here say that its way to expensive. This a american contract which comes with all sort of spares and other equipments where as Russians don't do that. Russians charge for those differently reducing the initial procurement cost. Plus I believe the operational cost of the C-17 should be lower than the operational cost the IL-76.

Anonymous said...

considering A330 tanker cancellation there is no way FM is going to clear this acquisition.

Vinay J said...

Is IAF going to carry out intercontinental operations any time soon ? I don't think so.

So why buy this flying ship and waste precious taxpayer money ?

Anonymous said...

Those who are critical of this acquisition, I will ask them could we envisage a operation cactus in Maldives where troops were airlifted directly from Agra? Remember, India is a subcontinent. To transport massive equipment and troops we need heavy lift capabilities. India becoming a Superpower, will be called upon on peace keeping missions or protect it's strategic interests overseas. India is entering Africa in a big way. Just like in Afghanistan, our people will be attacked by forces inimical to our interests.
A super strong India is the best insurance to avoid a costly war or attacks by our enemies.
Such capabilities are a small price to pay.
IL 76 cannot carry tanks and heavy eqp, whereas c17 can accomplish this task.

Int64 said...

Can any1 justify why operational cost of IL-76 is higher than globemaster. Globemaster is much much bigger than IL-76, I dont understand how the cost could be low.

Marcus said...

what are the chances that US will donate some of these to Paak for free?

Anonymous said...

the official notification to Congress lists the potential value as $5.8 billion, this represents the highest possible estimate for the sale, and includes all potential services offered. The actual cost will be based on IAF requirements and has yet to be negotiated

Anonymous said...

Keeping buying American stuff (over priced)just like 145 Light Howitzer M777 etc coz Indians think they R are special, yeah special idiots :)

Did someone said about superpower, yeah right hearing this for 20yrs so keep dreaming for another 2decades,morons

Anonymous said...

Anonymous 8.05am

Another jealous paki like that Marcus. Bloody bhikaris, want everything for free in return for massacring their own people. Possibly only country in the world that uses Army, Navy and Air Force to kill millions of it's own people. 3 million Bengalis were massacred in Bangladesh and there are no figures on Baluchis and Pathans killed in COIN operations.

Asshole read TIME, Newsweek, Economist etc. India is already a superpower and TIME magazine predicted India's status in a cover article way back in 1990s.

So Pakis, STFU and buzz off.

Anonymous said...

Whatever you say about the American's intentions;but in general their stuff is robust,easy to maintain,well built and long lasting.
If you take the total life cycle cost of the qualitatively superior product,the deal is not that bad.
And superpower dreams!!!

The only guys who envy us dreaming big (and BTW lurching,stumbling but nevertheless moving forward) are our not so friendly neighbors the Pakis and the chinis.
Either you are one of them; if not,then keep your moronic deadbeat ill motivated self to yourself.

Viktor said...

India could buy a whole lot more modernized AN-124 witch are entering production with higher lift capability and bigger range for lesser price. It ouranges and outlifts C-17 and can cary tanks, planes, ships, traines etc.

AARDVARK said...

even if u factor in all there services..it doesnt amount to 600 million USD....nope it doesnt...its expensive and an an124 wudv beena better and cheaper deal factoring in everythng from operational costs to spares and even upgrades

Anonymous said...

An124 is in the same category as galaxy. It needs better infrastructure and runways than C17.
Both the ACs are mean't for very different purposes. C17s can land and take off from our extremely rough forward bases, whereas An124 cannot.
Btw, AN124 went out of production for a longtime. Only in 2009 their production has been restarted.