Friday, April 16, 2010

FIRST LOOK: India's IJT Sitara LSP-1 In IAF Colours (Tippy Grey) Finally

Photo from Vayu II/2010. This is the first of 12 limited series production aircraft on order by the IAF.
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Anonymous said...

Super news Shiv...please please please provide some details about the IJT. When is it getting inducted in IAF and any indications of operational clearance. Weapons testing? and how many aircraft have been sought in the INR 6000 crore order recently signed?


Anonymous said...

Fine ... Does anyone knows if this is one of the prototypes or a new bird ?


Anonymous said...

Isn't that Baldy who pranged two Sitara prototypes?

Daanish said...

finally some good news, cannot wait to see serial production. Question what is the mission profile of this craft in a combat situation.

Anonymous said...

A close resemblance exists between the HJT-36 Sitara and the MIG AT - is there a relationship?

Vivek said...

Shiv Paaji, you're killing us with the suspense.

"Coming soon: An update on Arjun MBT. 3 days ago"

Anonymous said...

To @6.06 PM: If it was really Baldy's fault and if he was really that bad a pilot, he wouldn't be standing in that photo. Samjhe Bachche?!

Anonymous said...

Shiv, any update on the status of IJTs? I have the following questions :)

1. How many prototypes are flying with the new AL-55 engine?
2. How many hours of testing has been completed so far?
3. What extent of the final envelope has been tested so far?
4. How many planes are under construction now?
5. What are the major issues found so far on the IJT?
6. In which areas have IJT met or exceeded expectations?
7. What are the dates of IOC and FOC?
8. Has the Al-55 engine been fully certified by CEMILAC or the Russian authorities yet?
9. What is the percentage of imported content in the aircraft? Apart from the engine, what are the other major items imported?
10. How many tests were completed with the old french engine? Could they have done extra tests with old engine while waiting for new engine to arrive? Why wasn't it done so?


Anonymous said...

A good looker. They should sell this commercially. Of course, theyw ill say they can only build 5 a year.

Anonymous said...

To Anon @11.10
Wake up and smell the roses! In India he would sprang 2 Sitaras and get to sprang 2 more as long as he could barely climb into them.
Where are you from - laddie? You know some smattering of Hindiglish. I can see! You also like to pick arguments that you win from both sides. You do sound semi - Indian, soulfully.

Anonymous said...

To the anonymouse at 11.10. Kyon itni takleef?

Pehle toh he forgot to lock the canopy at Aero India. Doosri baar he forgot to lower the undercarriage while landing.

What's your story about these incidents?

Anonymous said...

Congrats Hal ! 2010 will be eventful year for Indian Aviation with the roll-out of Dhruv MK4/LCH/IJT/Tejas/Tejas Trainer. The next will be LOH/LUH/MUH/Primary Trainer/Tejas MK2/MTA/MCA/Pak FA/MRCA
With all these projects,Helicopters will place Hal as a leading nation. Others will follow as the programs mature as it evolves.GOI must support with budget to ensure that India builds on the technology built up by ADA/Nal and Hal.

Anonymous said...

Hi Shiv, Can you upgrade or your mobile so that you can take much resolution pics. Dont get me wrong i have been a big fan of you and i dont go to bed without checking our defence updates thru ur site. Keep up the good work....Cheers

Anonymous said...

Shiv, why are you allowing the slanging match between postors on comments about Baldev Singh? It is turning ugly with comments about sardar in bad taste! I am no sikh, but I don't think it is right on your moderated forum to allow such disparaging remarks against Baldy or other postors. Please delete those posts, they show your excellent blog in a bad light. Please don't allow comments like those to sully the image of your blog!

Anonymous said...


Are you going to tolerate bigoted bakwas from bewakoof bloggers?

Anonymous said...

Why did you mention the name of your mobile? Is Sony Ericsson sponsoring your blog?

Gagan said...

These look like mobile camera phone pics of brochures. That is why there is that bright spot where the flash reflected off the brochure.
Shiv you need to invest in a High ISO pocket camera for those spur of the moment photo ops.

May I recommend the Canon 1200 SD. (IIRC it has ISO upto 800 and very good noise reduction) you should be able to take good enough pictures even in normal lighting without using the flash. The key here is to NOT use the flash whenever you encounter glass or a brochure with a gloss covering.

Anonymous said...

To anon 6:06 PM and 2:47 PM.

One can see that you are an ace pilot yourself judging by your comment on a pilot forgetting to close the canopy and pull down the landing gear.

What do you fly? Surely not a pig with wings (hence you don't encounter canopies or landing gears) or are you an ace on microsoft flight simulator where again you don't have to bother with these two irritants?

Your bewakoofi and pakiness comes across very well.

Anonymous said...

The UGLIEST looking trainer I've seen so far

Sudip Das ( said...

When will be the final induction ?

2012 or later

Anonymous said...

To the anon at 5.41

Resorting to intemperate remarks won't change the fact that Baldy spranged two aircraft. As far as the Pakiness goes, its actually my IP that I dump every morning.

Jayanta Sarkar said...

The UGLIEST looking trainer I've seen so far
Because you got an ugly mind,so it is no surprise you will see ugly everywhere.