Thursday, April 29, 2010

PHOTOS: Shivalik On Her Commissioning Day

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Shishir Pol said...

What a beauty she is....Navy sure look different in 10 yrs....with 16 of these....7 new destroyers....2/3 carriers.....awesome...Im Lovin it

NJS said...

Nice images shiv.

driksolo said...

Great Photos Shiv, simply love them. Did they let you have a peek inside the bridge too? Does this ship carry AESA radar?
Great work.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, i have heard of development of an aesa radar by DRDO. They reportedly tried to use it in LCA. Probably could not due to heating problems. They would have any problems on a battleship like this.



No words. Looks like its been designed and built by experts. Its projects our Warships building capabilities.

Great Going India.